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Human Monitoring for Gun Violence is "Impossible Task"

Maryland’s Charles County Public Schools Select Omnilert AI Visual Gun Detection to Keep Students and Staff Safe

Nashville Schools Approve $1M Contract for Omnilert Visual Gun Detection

Chicago Area Schools Get First-Hand Look at New Gun Tech

A School's Best Choice for Active Shooter Protection

2022 Gun Violence Statistics

ABC News – AI Software Helps Detect Guns in Schools

Active Shooter Expert Discusses California Mass Shootings

Mitigating Harm through Emergency Response Automation

Reuters News: New AI Tech Claims to Spot Active Shooters

Reflecting on Parkland, Things Could be Different Today

Weapons Detection Technology Compared

Raptor Technologies and Omnilert Set to Deliver the Most Complete Active Shooter Protection and Response Solution for K-12 Schools

Communications & Automation:  The Missing Link in Many Active Shooter Incidents

NBC Special Report on Gun Violence: AI Gun Detection

Omnilert Integrates Life-Saving AI Gun Detection into Milestone’s VMS to Assist with Active Shooter Incidents

Lessons from Uvalde

Howard Technology Solutions Partners with Omnilert to Bring Active Shooter Capabilities to its Customer Base

Omnilert and Everbridge Team to Reduce Threats from Active Shooters in Enterprises & Government Institutions

Bogen Communications Partners with Omnilert for Active Shooter Safety on Campuses

AI Tops the SIA’s 2022 MegaTrends List

Transforming Surveillance Systems with AI Active Shooter Detection

Active Shooter Prevention Takes Center Stage at Healthcare Conference

CBS Reports on Visual Gun Detection and AI for Active Shooter Prevention

We've Got Your Data Protected!

Preventative Technology for Gun Violence and Mass Shootings

Omnilert Desktop Alert Wins Best New Product 2021 in Campus Technology

Comparing Visual Gun Detection and Other Mitigation Strategies

Omnilert Desktop Alert Combines High-Visibility Alerts with Interaction

Too Many: Gun Violence in America 2021

Omnilert Completes SOC 2 Confirming Data Confidentiality and Privacy

Omnilert Named Champion in SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant

Omnilert Engage Awarded Higher Education New Product Platinum Medal

I Almost Lost My Mom to an Active Shooter

Omnilert Expands Prevention Product Suite With Panic Button Alert

Top 6 Emergency Alert Templates for Outages

COVID-19 and the Active Shooter Threat

Powerful, Integrated Weather Mass Alerts With Emergency App

Expert Q&A: How to Create a Crisis Ready Culture

Emergency Mass Alert Templates: Severe Weather

Officer Interview: How AI Can Help First Responders

COVID-19 Return to Work/School Template and Best Practices

Omnilert Partners with Axis to Improve Campus Security and Safety

Emergency Communication Fail: College Student Edition

Omnilert Gun Detect Awarded Two Golds for AI and Video Surveillance

An Officer’s Perspective: Advance Warning Before Shots Are Fired

The Clery Act: Beyond the Basics

Top 2 Reasons Your Emergency App is Not Effective

Advanced Emergency Communication and Mass Alerts in Healthcare

Telos Partners with Omnilert on Secure Visual Gun Detection Solution

Omnilert Completes SOC 2 Certification

Building a Clery Act Compliance Committee

When Saving Lives Infringes on Personal Privacy

How Can Small Safety Teams Respond to Mass Crises?

Omnilert Introduces the Industry's First Solution for Mass Engagement

How AI Can Prevent Gun Violence in Public Spaces

Omnilert Receives Gold Medal in Software Reviews

Crisis Communications: An Interview with Gerard Braud

3 Predictions for Emergency Communications in 2021

Omnilert and Navigate360 Partner on Proactive Response to Gun Violence

Omnilert Recognized in Gartner Market Guide

Campus Safety: Developing a Realistic Lockdown Response Plan

Omnilert Launches Industry’s First AI-Powered, Visual Gun Detection

An Emergency Notification System Is Not Enough

2020 National Preparedness Month: Crisis Trifecta

Campus Safety: Preparing for an Active Shooter in the Year 2020

The Clery Act in a Virtual World

Lessons from Active Shooter Situations in Pop Culture

Omnilert Manage Named the 2020 Campus Safety BEST Award Winner

Omnilert Introduces Instant Emergency Notification App

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Emergency Notifications

What Safety Officers Should Know About COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Facing the Storm: Preparing for Severe Weather on Campus

The Dirty Little Secret of Emergency Notification System Apps

Campus Safety: Lessons from Columbine and Active Shooter Situations

Pandemic Communications: An Interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci

6 Critical Emergency Notification App Features

Pandemic Communications: An Interview with Bob Jensen

Omnilert Introduces New Emergency Notification & Management Solutions

Blueprint for Higher Education Pandemic Communications

What You Need to Know About the Clery Act and Pandemic Communications

Omnilert Makes Free Version of Emergency Notification System Available

Top 3 Pandemic Communications Templates

Pandemic Communications Best Practices Limit Operational Disruptions

Understanding Non-Emergency Alerts

Holiday Season - Preparing Your Emergency Notifications

Alert Integrations - The Benefits of CAP

What Comes Next - Preparing Your Emergency Notifications

Immediately Initiate Your Emergency Response Plan

Preventing Accidental Alert Notifications

Hurricane Preparedness for Businesses

Back to School - Preparing Your Emergency Notifications

Multi-Site Organization Emergency Alerts

Emergency Notifications within the Club Industry

Emergency Communications User Management : Opt-In

Preparing the Initial Notification Before an Emergency

Tornado Outbreaks Across the United States

4 Best Practices for Houses of Worship Crisis Communication

The Clery Act Isn’t Just About Criminal Threats

User Management for Emergency Communications: Opt-Out

School Mass Emergency Notifications for Graduation and Campus Events

Changing the Face of Emergency Communications

Emergency Notifications in the Healthcare Industry

Increasing Communication during Spring Severe Weather

Critical Communication Strategies for Corporate Safety

Using Pre-Planned Templates to Improve ENS Efficiency

Off-Campus Timely Warnings - An Explanation

Mass Alerts for Manufacturing & Distribution Centers

Venue Safety: Emergency Notifications Across All Channels

Preparing Your Business for Severe Winter Weather

Best Practices for Testing Your Emergency Notification System

Implementing an Emergency Response & Action Plan at a Corporate Campus

Emergency Preparation – A Life Lesson Learned from Sports

The Best Ways to Reach Your People in an Emergency

Triggering Weather Safety Notifications through Omnilert Scenarios

A Time for Giving Your Emergency Notification System Some Love

The ROI of Safety - Operational Efficiencies

The ROI of Safety: Reducing the Cost of Doing Business

The ROI of Safety - Compliance and Legal Obligations

Experts Discuss Best Practices in Emergency Notification

Automation Enhances Mass Notification

Understanding the Presidential Alert

Enhancing Crime Prevention and Awareness Through ENS

How Prepared is Your Organization’s Mass Notification System?

Preparing Your Organization for Workplace Violence

Preparing Your Emergency Communication for Pending Hurricanes

Who's on your Critical Communications Team?

Benefits of Community Policing and MOU Strategies

Back to School Safety and Emergency Communication at USG

Exceed Operational Goals with Critical Communications

Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness Guide - After

3 Key Insights for a Modern Emergency Notification System

Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness Guide - During

Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness Guide - Before

Exceeding Member Expectations with Reliable Communications

National Safety Month - Celebrating Preparedness

Buyer’s Guide to Emergency Notification Solutions

Benefits of Meeting with Your Emergency Notification Provider

Emergency Notifications Advancements - Automation

Top Four Mass Notification System Preparation Steps

3 Ways to Use Social Media as a Communications Endpoint

Preparation was Key for Jacksonville State University

Providing Emergency Preparedness Tips to Community Members

Exceeding Expectations and Obligations to Warn

Top 5 Emergency Message Templates

Tarleton State University Continues to Inform and Protect

Three Reasons to Update to Omnilert 6

Bringing your Emergency Response & Action Plan to Life - A Case Study

Do You Need a Crisis Communications & Action Plan?

4 Tips for Creating Simple and Precise Emergency Alerts

Critical Communications Cycle: Prepare Throughout the Emergency

Lessons Learned from Mass Shooting Attacks

Introducing Omnilert 6: Evolving Emergency Notification & Response

Quantum Leap in Emergency Notification Technologies

Campus Mass Notification Innovations in Emergency Action & Response

Emergency Notification Best Practices in Aftermath of False Warning

Reminiscing with a Look into 2018

Automating Emergency Notifications: A Scenario-Based Approach

By the Numbers: Emergency Notification Industry Survey

Getting it Done Right - Proven Success Indicators

Interview: Police Chief on Emergency Preparedness

Using a Pre-Defined Series of Actions to Mitigate Risk

Sending accurate notifications during emergencies

A Mass Alert is Not Enough: Importance of Sending More Than a Text

Digital signage provides emergency notification integration

Leveraging Technology in Unique Ways to Expand Emergency Notifications

Exercising your mass notification system

5 reasons to automate emergency notifications today

6 Tips to Secure your Emergency Notification System Against Hackers

3 steps to automated emergency notifications

Taking ownership during emergency response to avoid chaos

Remembering Virginia Tech and its impacts on campus safety

Emergency notifications at the University of Nebraska Medical

Collaborate With Your Crisis Communication Team During an Emergency

How To Mobilize Your Team in the First Moments of an Emergency

Notify Your People During the First Moments of an Emergency

3 Things To Do in the First Moments of an Emergency

The Critical Communications Cycle: Post-Event

The Critical Communications Cycle - "During"

The Critical Communications Cycle - "Before"

An Introduction to The Critical Communications Cycle

Expert Q&A: Dustin Jensen from West Acres Shopping Center in ND

Why institutions need to adopt a scenario-based approach

Automation - The Future of Emergency Notifications at EDUCAUSE 2016

TCPA & SMS Messaging - What it means to you

Planning and Critical Communications

Omnilert Announces New Network Status Dashboard

6 Simple Guidelines for Effective Emergency Procedures

Proven Success Indicators for your Critical Communications

Testing Emergency Communication Systems

Expert Q&A: Christian Lanphere from Cambridge Health Alliance in MA

Expert Q&A: Jerry Haynes from EOG Resources in TX

Failure is not an option. It’s inevitable.

The power of Scenarios… Now also on the Apple Watch

Expert Q&A: Former Baltimore Police Commissioner, Fred Bealefeld

The 3 Most Overlooked Endpoints for Emergency Notification

Expert Q&A: Country Security Manager Bryan Ayers from GE-Alstom Power

After the Storm: Start Preparing for the Next, Today

VA Representative Comstock learns emergency communications

Omnilert Receives Innovative Solutions Consortium Award


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