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Omnilert Announces the Industry's First Integrated AI Gun Detection Appliance


New Omnilert Gun Detect Appliance Integrates Hardware, AI Software, Monitoring Services, Off-the-Shelf Integrations and Direct Connection to PSAP in One Easy-to-Deploy System 

LEESBURG, VA – April 9, 2024 – Omnilert, a leader in active shooter solutions, today announced the Omnilert Gun Detect™ Appliance, a fully integrated AI visual gun detection system that combines the hardware, software and services required to turn existing security cameras into an active shooter protection system for schools and universities, places of worship, small and mid-size organizations, as well as large, multi-site international business chains. This one compact appliance not only replaces large, complex and costly server equipment, but it is also configured to be easy to install and maintain whether a facility has 10 cameras or 10,000 across hundreds of locations.  With the Omnilert Gun Detect Appliance, a new market of customers can now take advantage of life-saving AI visual gun detection that can identify a weapon in a fraction of a second, and once verified can automatically initiate a robust response to lock doors, warn those in harm’s way and notify first responders.

Complex video analytics and AI processing of video streams have typically required high performance GPUs and costly server platforms. Small-and-medium sized organizations have often been priced out of advanced AI analytics due to expensive computing requirements. For large enterprises, the complexity of deployments to thousands of locations and ongoing maintenance have made it challenging to embrace new security technologies. Omnilert Gun Detect and the Gun Detect Appliance solves these problems by combining the hardware, software, monitoring services, integrations and direct public safety answering point (PSAP) connections in one easy-to-deploy solution.

“Our goal is to make AI visual gun detection capabilities as ubiquitous as having fire alarms and the only way to achieve that is to make the solution simple to install, easy to use, economically accessible for smaller organizations and manageable to large installations,” said Dave Fraser, CEO of Omnilert. “Many customers don’t have dedicated data centers or IT closets with adequate space and this has prevented them from even considering life-saving gun detection technology. The Omnilert Gun Detect Appliance breaks down those barriers by allowing organizations of all sizes to easily and affordably add the ability to detect firearms at first sight and then initiate an automated response to warn those in harm’s way.”

Omnilert Gun Detect Appliance Features & Specifications

The Omnilert Gun Detect Appliance is currently utilized by a wide variety of small and large organizations from deployments of 10 cameras up to several thousand across hundreds of buildings. The appliance comes pre-installed with the company’s visual gun detection system which leverages Omnilert’s third generation AI software for high performance processing on highly available commodity GPU and CPU platforms, making a simple appliance platform versus data center servers a reality. The pre-loaded software and an automated, self-provisioning capability drastically simplifies the onboarding process and eases the requirements of IT departments or system integrators for deployments.

Once connected to a network, the systems dynamically configure for account and location, and can have stream details predefined to quickly deploy and enable detection. The hardware and software are complemented with Omnilert Monitoring services’ multiple 24x7 operations centers that provide human verified gun detections and connect directly with PSAPs in the event of a confirmed threat.

With the Omnilert Gun Detect Appliance, onboarding is as simple as setting a network connection and configuring cameras through automated network discovery, VMS integration or manual configuration. Its small form factor, quiet operation and low heat profile allows deployment in a wide variety of building locations, which was not possible when servers were required. If camera volumes exceed the capacity of a single unit, multiple appliances can be deployed simultaneously with the same low profile and cost effectiveness. The technical specifications of the appliance include the following:

Technical Specifications

  • CAMERA STREAMS: Up to 55 1080P streams
  • CPU: Intel
  • GPU: NVIDIA RTX 4000 series
  • OS: Linux
  • DIMENSIONS: 12.60 in x 9.45 in x 2.25 in (320mm x 240mm x 57mm)
  • WEIGHT: 8 lbs / 3.6 kgs
  • HEAT SINK: 3 silent turbo fans
  • SOUND PROFILE: < 25 Decibels
  • NDAA Compliant


Pricing and Availability

The Omnilert Gun Detect Appliance is shipping and available today. The appliance can be purchased outright for $1,500, nearly 75% less expensive than existing solutions, or built into annual stream licensing, further lowering the overall cost to operate. A complete system to secure a small installation would cost less than $10,000.