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Elizabeth VenafroJun 16, 2021 9:30:00 AM3 min read

Omnilert Expands Prevention Product Suite With Panic Button Alert

Improves Subscriber Safety With Silent Alarm and Rich Telemetry


Leesburg, Virginia, June 16, 2021Omnilert, the innovation leader and most trusted partner in emergency communications, today announced the addition of Panic Button Alert to its suite of prevention capabilities. Panic Button Alert builds on Omnilert’s existing Panic Button with the inclusion of a silent alarm, which allows subscribers to request help when under duress. It also gathers key data and streamlines workflow to help organizations respond more effectively.


Using Panic Button Alert, subscribers can choose to contact 9-1-1, the emergency hotline, or initiate a silent alarm. In all situations, the safety team is notified of the action taken and provided with the subscriber’s name, contact information, and location to determine appropriate next steps. This gives organizations a similar capability to 9-1-1, where actionable information is captured even if a call is interrupted.


With a single click, safety teams can respond via text, phone, email, or by initiating an automated pre-defined workflow. A shared activity view provides a real-time account of the unfolding situation, enabling safety teams to coordinate their actions. All activities are fully logged, and can be reviewed and exported for post-event forensics and analysis.


“We’re excited to give our customers additional ways to improve safety,” said Dave Fraser, CEO of Omnilert. “Panic Button Alert illustrates our continuing investment in driving the market towards the prevention of dangerous situations.” 


Panic Button Alert is the latest addition to Omnilert’s growing prevention suite comprising: Gun Detect, the industry’s first AI-powered visual gun detection system; Integrated Weather Alerting; and Tipping, where subscribers can identify and inform their organization of potential problems. 


All of the solutions in Omnilert’s prevention suite leverage its Instant App, which ensures rich app functionality can always be accessed whether or not users have downloaded the Omnilert subscriber app. Organizations benefit from this “100% installation” and are freed from the burden of poor app adoption and retention. 


About Omnilert 

Founded in 2004, Omnilert was the first company to establish the emergency mass notification market. It continues to be an innovation leader and the most trusted partner to over 2,500 customers across diverse industries, including education, healthcare, manufacturing, private and public sector organizations. Omnilert offers the broadest array of solutions, spanning prevention, notification, engagement, and incident management, as well as the most comprehensive multi-channel communications. Uniquely, the organization employs automation and next-generation artificial intelligence to expedite emergency response and enable detection and visualization of critical incidents. Omnilert is privately held and headquartered outside of Washington, DC. For more information, visit