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OmnilertJul 27, 2023 1:04:00 PM2 min read

Retail & Restaurant Facilities Stay Safe With AI Visual Gun Detection

Screen Shot 2023-08-01 at 10.57.17 PMWith 2022 being the most violent year in American retail businesses, the need has never been greater for more protection in retail shops, restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies and more. While there are many threats, one of the trends increasing the most is gun violence where active shooters carry out attacks both outside and inside the building. In an article for Retail and Restaurant Facility Business, Omnilert CEO Dave Fraser discusses the ongoing threat to retail workers and patrons and highlights how AI visual gun detection can keep people safe through a unique combination of early threat detection followed by a rapid response and mass communications. As Fraser points out, “No one can predict where a mass shooter will strike next, but facilities can take steps now to save lives in the future.”

Why More Protection is Needed in Retail

In the past, many retail facilities felt safe with minimal security that may have included video cameras or even panic buttons. However, recent events such as the Tops supermarket proved that another layer of protection is required both inside and outside retail facilities.  After all, what good is a camera if its video feed is only reviewed after an incident? In contrast, AI visual gun detection from Omnilert can transform these existing cameras into 24/7 monitors that are always looking for a gun in real-time.  Within seconds, a firearm can be detected and once verified it only takes seconds for the system to send alerts, contact the police, lock doors and more. This rapid threat detection and response is absolutely crucial for saving lives given that active shooting incidents are typically over within 3-5 minutes.

To learn more about Omnilert Gun Detect, visit this web page.   Or to see the technology in action yourself, check out our self-demo.

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