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OmnilertJul 5, 2023 3:27:45 PM3 min read

Infinite Protection Takes AI Visual Gun Detection Mobile

Look at the news headlines on any given week and it’s clear that gun violence is not only rising, but that it knows no boundaries. It is moving into places that, until now, have been considered relatively safe. We talked about this in a recent blog that points out how mass shooters are increasingly targeting ‘soft targets’ such as churches, supermarkets, movie theaters and other locations that traditionally have large exterior areas but minimal security. The grim reality is that less security means more success for the active shooter – meaning it is more important than ever to make sure all sizes and types of gathering places are prepared to prevent an active shooter incident.

This is the core reason Omnilert exists and it is why we are partnering with companies like Infinite Protection to provide a widely deployable early gun detection solution that helps save lives. Infinite Protection is a provider of Scout Mobile Surveillance Trailers that offer surveillance capabilities such as gunshot detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, smoke/fire detection, and other security features. They recently added another layer of security to its trailers by utilizing the capabilities of AI technology to help prevent active shooter incidents. Installing cameras from Avigilon and integrating AI-powered visual gun detection software from Omnilert has allowed them to do just that.

With Omnilert Gun Detect, Infinite Protection’s mobile trailers are now equipped with an always-on, 24/7 monitoring capability that scans for weapons using its existing high-definition cameras providing 360-degree coverage. With this new capability, a weapon can be identified within seconds and once verified, the system can automatically initiate a series of responses such as lock doors, call police, notify everyone in the area, and much more.

According to Aaron Baker of Infinite Protection, "It's amazing how quickly a firearm is detected with this technology. Our primary focus using this technology is stopping gun violence before it ever happens."

You can read more about Infinite Protection’s successful integration of Omnilert Gun Detect software in their recent press release.

Try Omnilert Gun Detect Out Yourself

Omnilert recently released the first-ever online visual gun detection self-demo. This demo lets users see the power and potential of Gun Detect using their computer’s webcam and a real or real-looking toy gun. To access the demo, visit

If you are interested in learning more about AI gun detection and our visual active shooter solution contact us now.