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OmnilertNov 15, 2022 10:51:00 PM7 min read

Weapons Detection Technology Compared

Living in the modern world is considerably different from two decades ago. Today, when you turn on the evening news in almost every major city in the United States, it's hard not to find news reports about mass casualties resulting from a shooting spree in public and private spaces. The growing rate of these events is horrifying and even of more concern to security personnel.

Whether you're in charge of security for a company, campus, or school, ensuring your premises aren't the next victim is key. Effective weapons detection technologies must be in place to prevent the next attack. Assessing different technologies can help you determine the most effective techniques to prevent weapons from entering your premises.

Weapons Detection Technologies

A wide variety of weapons detection technologies can provide proactive security measures to your clients. Here is a comparison of the most common ones:

Human Monitoring

Human monitoring involves the conventional approach of having a person in front of a screen to monitor video feeds from the cameras. While the approach sounds good theoretically, in reality, it's substantially costly and ineffective.

You need 24/7 monitoring for all live video feeds. Unfortunately, less than 1% of the live video surveillance is monitored live. In addition, approximately 45% of activities are missed just after 12 minutes of human monitoring. The results only worsen as the responsible human stays on the screen for long. Around 95% of activities can be overlooked within just 22 minutes — the more these statistics continue to depreciate, the more screens a person is responsible for monitoring. 

While most conventional human surveillance has been reliable in providing footage for an incident, recording alone is ineffective in preventing subsequent incidents.

Metal Detection

Metal detection utilizes technologies that penetrate clothing and other concealments, including baggage and flagging meal signatures. The technologies use some form of electromagnetic energy systems such as millimeter and micrometer waves. They are highly effective and proactive in detecting hidden weapons and constraining the movements of people with weapons. 

Nonetheless, metal detections are limited to short ranges and can only be installed in specific places. They are typically installed in corridors and entry points. Entry traffic must be channeled to ensure each entrant passes through the system. 

Additionally, each detection requires human verification through pat downs or wadding. This brings security agents in a premise in direct contact with potential assailants. In addition, metal detection attracts high installation costs, constant staffing, and specialized training, adding to the inconveniences it can cause to people in high-traffic premises.

Audible Gunshot Detection

Gunshot detection includes dispersing microphones to listen to gunshot sounds from weapons across premises. The technology utilizes sound and algorithms to narrow down the position of the sounds that.

A benefit of this technology is to help audible experts verify potential gunshot sounds over a wide geographical area and escalate other detection mechanisms. Gunshot detection is also effective in neighborhoods prone to shootings and downtown areas. It provides security personnel with information on the number of shots fired and the precise location of the gunshots.

Unfortunately, the technology offers a reactive approach. While it can help security personnel determine areas prone to gun violence, it can't prevent incidents from occurring.

Visual Weapons Detection

Visual weapons detection utilizes advanced AI software to detect and recognize weapons in various environments, including a gun on a table, in hand, or in bright or darkened rooms. In addition, this weapons detection approach is effective in cost and practical since it can integrate easily into a company's existing security camera and video management systems. 

Its accuracy and efficiency are commendable. But the most significant value of this technology involves the speed in providing advance warning against threats, making the technology one of the most efficient proactive security approaches. In a matter of seconds, the AI can detect a firearm and send notifications to help security personnel analyze and react to the vulnerability. 

While many conventional weapons detection technologies are reactive, combining them with visual detection creates a proactive security approach. This makes an institution's infrastructure relevant and more valuable in preventing harm to all stakeholders. 

Although emergency notifications differ in sophistication, the AI can be flexibly tailored to:

  • Contact emergency service
  • Trigger system control to lock doors, restrict access or block entry
  • Dispatch security and first responders to the specific area of threat
  • Trigger an alarm to notify people on the premises
  • Automate notification to the entire premises through texts, voice, or emails

Unfortunately, this technology relies on visual weapons for effectiveness. This may place your security personnel and other people at risk when the assailant brandishes the weapon as they move toward their targets.

Why Before, During, and After Matters

An important element to note when choosing weapons detection technologies is that they must be effective before, during, and after an incident. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of assessing proactive or reactive effectiveness. An AI-generated system can be effective in incorporating all three aspects. 

The "before" element allows your security personnel to prevent the occurrence of an event. The "during" aspect allows security and emergency responders to reduce response time and urgently deliver essential information. Moreover, the "after" element can be essential in flagging weapons sneaked into a premise.

Proactive Threat Response Technology With Omnilert

The effectiveness of any security technology is its ability to thwart violent incidents. Early threat detection save lives and prevent subsequent attempts on your premises. In addition, it improves people's confidence in attending your clients' premises without fear of attacks.

Every person in the United States deserves protection in public and private spaces. Choosing the best weapons detection technology allows you to provide effective real-time protection. The Omnilert Active Shooter Solution includes a combination of AI-powered software, emergency communication, and an automatic platform that enhances comprehensive, proactive security solutions. The Omnilert technology is cost-effective and easy to integrate with your existing security infrastructure.

GGDT-500pxw-ThmbIf you are interested in learning more about AI gun detection and our visual active shooter solution, check out download the full guide to evaluating gun detection technology:

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