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OmnilertAug 18, 2023 2:07:11 PM2 min read

Nashville Goes Back to School with AI Visual Gun Detection


NBC WKRN in Nashville reports that by fall, every metro school in the area will have a new weapons detection system in response to guns being a continued problem on campuses.  Anchor Kori Johnson unveils the solution – Omnilert Gun Detect. According to Kori, “Omnilert aims to save lives through rapid response and early threat detection.” She then walks viewers through the steps this new technology follows to keep students and staff safe from active shooters:

  • Step 1: Visual gun detection using existing security cameras 24/7 inside or outside buildings.
  • Step 2: Verification – either at an Omnilert monitoring center or by the school district.
  • Step 3: Once confirmed, an activation sequence goes into effect such as locking doors, contacting police and much more.


The Problem with Security Cameras in America Today

As Mark Franken from Omnilert points out, “There are more than 70 million cameras around the country and only 1 percent are actually being watched live.” That means that most camera video feeds today – both in schools as well as other public places -  are not being looked at until after an event has taken place. That does no good when the FBI reports that most active shooter incidents are over within 5 minutes meaning every second counts.

In contrast, with Omnilert’s active shooter solution integrated into these cameras, the live video feed is monitored constantly and the software is trained to visually identify a weapon in less than one second. And once verified, its only takes a second more for the Omnilert platform to carry out a pre-planned response designed to save lives. 

Read the Full Article on NBC WKRN


To learn more about Omnilert Gun Detect, visit Active Shooter Solution page. Or to see the technology in action yourself, check out our self-demo.

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