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Omnilert’s AI Visual Gun Detection System to be Showcased at the 2024 National Conference on Education


Omnilert Gun Detect to be featured in the Omnilert Booth, School Safety and Security Lab and in two industry presentations at the event 

LEESBURG, VA – February 7, 2024 – Omnilert, a leader in active shooter solutions, today announced its participation at the 2024 National Conference on Education on February 15-17 at the San Diego Convention Center. The company will feature demos of its visual gun detection system in booth #1527 and, as a silver sponsor of the School Safety and Security Learning Lab, will join other leaders to educate attendees in a self-guided experience in booth #1435.  

In addition, Omnilert technology will be discussed in two industry presentations. On February 15, a panel moderated by ZeroNow will feature Omnilert customer Charles County Public Schools who will speak about its journey to a safer school including how they leverage Omnilert Gun Detect to provide 24/7 monitoring with quick and automated responses to keep staff and students safe. On February 16, Chris Grollnek, a recognized active shooter prevention expert, will discuss the crucial concept of buying time during school shootings and how proactive technology solutions like Omnilert’s AI visual gun detection can reduce the time to recognize and respond to threats, thus helping save lives.

Below is information on both speaking sessions: 

Title: The Path to Safer Schools: Charles County Public School's Journey
Speaker: Dr. Marvin Jones, Chief of Schools, and Jason Stoddard, Safety Director of Charles County Public Schools
Time/Date: February 15, 2024 at 10:15 am
About: “Path to Safer Schools: Charles County Public School's Journey" is a panel discussion featuring Dr. Marvin Jones, Chief of Schools, and Jason Stoddard, Safety Director. This event will explore the innovative strategies and challenges Charles County Public Schools faced in enhancing school safety. Dr. Jones will discuss integrating academic excellence with a secure learning environment, while Mr. Stoddard will share insights from his law enforcement background to implement proactive safety measures. Topics include advanced security technology, mental health support, and community partnerships. Attendees can expect to learn about effective crisis management, the importance of student well-being and engaging community resources for a safer school experience. The session ends with a Q&A, offering direct engagement with these leading safety advocates in education. This panel is essential for those interested in understanding and contributing to safer educational environments.


Title: The Gift of Time
Speaker: Chris Grollnek, Founder and Managing Principal of the Active Shooter Prevention Project
Time/Date: February 16, 2024 at 11:15 am
About: “The Gift of Time” session is led by active shooter expert, Chris Grollnek, M.S. Chris is one of the nation’s leading active shooter prevention experts with over 30 years of experience in the study and application of protective measures in the military, police, and special purpose contracting. In this session, learn hard-hitting facts about active shootings, backed by thorough research and real-world statistics. He will discuss the crucial concept of buying time in these critical situations, highlighting that the average school shooting lasts eight minutes - the same amount of time it typically takes for police to respond. Grollnek will then give specific examples of ways to reduce the time to recognize and respond to such threats. Drawing on his extensive experience and analysis of major incidents, including Columbine, Virginia Tech, Parkland, and Uvalde, Grollnek will present a compelling case for a proactive approach to safety.  This session is designed for anyone interested in understanding the realities of active shooter situations and learning how to protect themselves and others.

Schools Around the Country Turning to Omnilert Gun Detect
Omnilert’s visual gun detection system currently protects hundreds of schools, universities, hospitals, retail, commercial, and other organizations around the country. Omnilert Gun Detect is a key layer of an organization’s overall security solution because it can identify a weapon in less than a second and once verified, it can initiate an extensive automatic response such as lock doors, call police, set the facility on lock down, alert people in the facility and more. This software can also provide situational intelligence on the shooter’s location at any given time to provide valuable information to first responders as well as those in harm’s way.

About the National Conference on Education
AASA’s National Conference on Education is the place where superintendents gather to create a better future for students and for society. Attendees from all over the country and all sizes of school districts will gather to share ideas, connect with trusted partners and like-mined leaders, and discover new products and experts throughout the course of the event. This year’s conference is gearing up to provide tools to education leaders to create positive changes in their district.