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Specialization Matters: Ensuring Safety with AI Visual Gun Detection

Your family doctor is a great resource for routine healthcare and initial diagnosis but when you have serious health problems, you're referred to a specialist. The specialist has the deep experience and knowledge of treatment options to provide the best chance for effective care versus a general practitioner. The same principle applies to technology solutions as well, such as AI visual gun detection. There are specialized systems and general-purpose video analytic providers.

Video analytics play a crucial role in identifying potential threats and triggering appropriate responses.  When it comes to firearm detection, precision and reliability are paramount. Dedicated AI visual gun detection systems, like Omnilert Gun Detect, significantly outperform multi-purpose analytics that offers wide range of analytics—such as vape detection, unattended bag detection, license plate reading and more.  Because these companies try to accomplish so much, they often spread their resources too thin, which can lead to a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none scenario where the most complex analytics are not as reliable or precise as they could be.

In contrast, a specialized system provides superior detection capabilities, fewer false alarms, identifies a wider range of firearms in various positions and conditions and helps ensure that you don't miss a potential threat. But there is much more to preventing gun violence than the initial AI gun detection. A specialized system also provides integrated capabilities for monitoring and verification of those detections, the ability to activate other safety systems and even notify those in harm’s way. Choosing a dedicated AI visual gun detection system over a multi-purpose analytic system can make a significant difference in safety and effectiveness and surpasses the capabilities of multi-purpose analytic providers in many ways.


Focus on Core Competency

Specialization breeds expertise. Omnilert focuses all its resources and knowledge on a single objective: identifying firearms quickly and accurately and using our 20+ years of communications expertise to get that information where it needs to be as quickly as possible. Omnilert Gun Detect is trained on a dataset of real-world firearm scenarios, encompassing diverse lighting conditions, backgrounds and weapon types. Omnilert Gun Detect’s back-end is powered by a best-of-breed Emergency Communication System that is relied on by thousands of customers to notify millions of subscribers. This concentration on core competencies ensures a fast, highly accurate and continually improved algorithm that can handle the specific challenges of firearm detection and notification.


The Importance of Using 100% Organic Data

Curating data for specialized analytics takes time, and many multi-purpose analytic providers need to spin up new products quickly to adjust to market demands. This can lead to the use of shortcuts, like computer generated imagery, or green screen data, to boost their datasets. Systems that rely on synthetic data can have a detrimental effect on the accuracy of the detection, as most synthetic data can never be reproduced in the real-world, and most real-world data cannot be reproduced synthetically. When a training database is weighted too heavily with synthetic data, it is difficult to fine-tune. This can reduce the accuracy and reliability of these systems. Programming an analytics system using 100% ‘organic’, real-world data is a complex task that takes time, and shortcuts can lead to inaccuracies. Omnilert’s singular focus on real-world data ensures superior firearm identification in various environments, lighting conditions, and situations— something a multi-purpose analytic built from synthetic data might struggle with. Learn more about the benefits of organic training in our blog, "The Truth about AI Training: Organic Data vs. Synthetic".


Beyond Detection: The Power of Follow-Through

As mentioned, early firearm detection is just the first step in an active shooter response plan. A dedicated system, like Omnilert Gun Detect, goes beyond simply raising an alarm. It offers an end-to-end workflow, with superior follow-through options, such as post-detection monitoring, first responder dispatch and seamless integration with your other security systems. Gun Detect offers state-of-the-art, professional monitoring to field initial verifications, but also allows you to choose other options such as notifying your internal security team or working with your choice of a 3rd party provider. Omnilert Monitoring features direct integration with First Responders to deliver rich, robust data about detection directly to dispatchers and responding officers. This provides unparalleled situational awareness, above and beyond what can be communicated with a phone call to 911.

Another problem with multi-purpose analytics systems is that they often lack specialized integrations, hindering a swift and effective response. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for active shooter threat mitigation, and having the flexibility to choose your verification capabilities, alarming endpoints, and action automations is crucial, since every organization is unique. The solution can be integrated with existing video management systems, access control, alarm panels, and emergency notification systems, creating a comprehensive security solution. The ability to respond to a detected threat quickly and effectively can be critical in mitigating threats and saving lives.

When firearm detection is a top priority, a dedicated system like Omnilert Gun Detect offers clear advantages. Just as you would seek a specialist for a serious health issue, choosing a dedicated firearm detection system ensures the highest level of precision, reliability and flexibility. With its focus on core competency, access to real-world data, and robust follow-through options, Omnilert provides capabilities that are essential for effective threat mitigation. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to firearm detection. Choose a system specifically designed to protect your community.

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