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Security Experts Discuss AI Gun Detection in New ZeroNow Webinar

Speakers from US Dept. of Homeland Security, Active Shooter Prevention Project and Charles County Public Schools provide safety and security insights


The ZeroNow Alliance recently invited experts in the field of student safety to discuss the latest advancements in AI-powered visual gun detection systems, concealed weapons detection solutions and audible gunshot detection systems. Working together, these innovative technologies provide multiples layers of protection by creating a comprehensive security strategy not only for  educational institutions, but other organizations as well.

You can watch a full replay of the webinar below or continue reading for a quick recap:

Preventing Harm with AI Visual Gun Detection Technology

Speakers highlighted the importance of having technology that not only detects weapons, but also prevents harm before it strikes, and included:

  • Chris Grollnek, Managing Principal of the Active Shooter Prevention Project
  • Don Hough, Deputy Associate Director for the School Safety Task Force at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Jason Stoddard, Director of School Safety and Security for Charles County Public Schools

As a pioneer in school safety, Jason Stoddard talked about his district becoming Maryland’s first AI-driven gun detection program by installing Omnilert Gun Detect on their exterior surveillance cameras. This location was key because as Chris Grollnek pointed out, “Over 40% of active shooter incidents commence outside school premises, and early detection through technology can be a decisive factor in saving lives.”

In fact, if you look at the Nashville school shooting where the gunman walked up to the building with their weapon in full view, this type of technology could have given those at the school and law enforcement what Grollnek calls “the gift of time."  AI gun detection can detect a weapon and initiate a full-blown response plan in mere seconds – which is vital when you consider that most active shooter incidents are over within minutes. Without this type of technology, it could easily take most of those minutes for a person just to notify first responders.

Don Hough also agreed on the importance of deploying gun detection technologies in schools but stressed the need to select the right technology for each institution. “There is no one size fits all,” said Hough. “Schools need to consider a wide variety of factors such as the building’s physical layout, local jurisdictional requirements, the technology's long-term sustainability and whether it integrates easily into their existing security infrastructures.”

You can learn more about ZeroNow at their website. For more information on Omnilert and its AI gun detection technology, feel free to contact us or check out our Gun Detection resources

On-demand Webinar Replay