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Omnilert Wins AI Innovation Award for its AI Visual Gun Detection

The awards just keep coming for Omnilert’s AI visual gun detection technology – with the latest being an AI Innovation Award from the Edge AI and Vision Alliance. This honor recognizes the innovation and achievement of end products that use edge AI or vision technologies and was presented to Omnilert at the recent Embedded Vision Summit in Santa Clara, California.

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Omnilert Gun Detect won the AI Innovation Award in the category of Security/Surveillance. This groundbreaking technology, which leverages AI to visually detect a weapon in a fraction of a second, is currently helping save lives in hundreds of schools, universities, sports stadiums, hospitals, and retail and commercial buildings around the country. With its unique combination of visual detection, mass communication and automated response, Omnilert Gun Detect is emerging as the defacto standard for preventing active shooting incidents and it’s being recognized across the industry with recent awards such as:

  • Won two Gold Stevies in the in the 2024 American Business Awards. The first award was in the Administrative Solutions category based on Omnilert Gun Detect’s ability to help prevent active shooters at schools. The second gold award was in the Emerging Technology category, highlighting how our technology is the most effective solution on the market for saving lives through early detection and rapid response.
  • Received the coveted 2024 GOVIES Government Security Awards from Security Today in the artificial intelligence category. 
  • Recognized as a Platinum winner in the Best Metal/Weapons Detection category of the 2023 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards from American Security Today (AST).

Omnilert’s Director of AI Speaks on the Development of Omnilert Gun Detect

In addition to accepting the AI Innovation Award, Omnilert’s Director of AI, Chad Green, also spoke at this year’s Embedded Vision Summit. His presentation - “Harnessing Computer Vision to Tackle Gun Violence”- highlighted: 

  • The Rising Rate of Gun Violence - In the United States in 2023, there were 658 mass shootings, and 42,996 people lost their lives to gun violence.
  • Best Practices for Active Shooter Protection - Detecting and rapidly responding to potential and actual shootings in an automated fashion is critical to reducing these tragic figures.
  • The Emergence of Life-Saving Technology - In 2020, Omnilert, a pioneer in emergency notification systems, launched Omnilert Gun Detect, an AI-powered platform that combines gun detection, verification, activation of security systems and notification.
  • How Omnilert Gun Detect was Developed - Computer vision was the right solution to solve today’s gun violence problem. Chad discussed the methodology behind building Omnilert Gun Detect and the business and technical challenges they overcame along the way.
  • The #1 AI Visual Gun Detection Solution – Offering unmatched accuracy and proven performance, Omnilert Gun Detect has emerged as the most effective active shooter solution on the market today.

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