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OmnilertSep 25, 2023 2:40:17 PM1 min read

AI Software to Detect Weapons

WVIR NBC in Charlottesville, VA reports that there are about seventy million cameras installed in schools and businesses, but only 1% of them are actually being monitored. In this feature, they outline how Omnilert’s new AI technology works to help this problem by identifying threats sooner.

Amaya Mitchell highlights, "Their program works simultaneously alongside camera systems already installed. Once it detects a weapon, it can set up pre-planned responses like locking doors or calling the police. Omnilert hopes that their AI technology can help to move the response timeline forward.

Speaking for Omnilert is Director of AI, Chad Green, "While this might not be the full solution for any school, we’re not trying to be a full solution. What we believe in is having a layered solution and being prepared ahead of time.”

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