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CBS Reports on Visual Gun Detection and AI for Active Shooter Prevention

With the power of AI, and humans as a second line of defense, Omnilert’s AI Gun Detect can help save lives by notifying first responders and initiating lockdowns to help prevent harm from Active Shooters, all in mere seconds. “Omnilert is leading edge because you get an alert before the shot is fired. I believe you're going to see more companies really embracing this technology & pursuing it faster than they were in the past" said David Bejarano, former police chief & US Marshall.


We appreciate CBS8 for talking with Dave Fraser, Omnilert CEO, about the importance of technology when it comes to keeping those we love safe. Watch the full video report below or read the entire article on the CBS website.


HubSpot Video



Interested in learning more about active shooter prevention or our visual Gun Detection solution? Check out these resources.


Feel free to contact us if we can be of any service or answer any questions you may have on active shooter prevention.



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