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Omnilert to Present at GSX as it Gets Adopted Across the Country

Omnilert Gun Detect will be demonstrated in Booth #3446, highlighting the ability to detect, verify and carry out rapid response and mass communication 

LEESBURG, VA – September 6, 2023 – Omnilert, a leader in active shooter and emergency notification solutions, today announced that its Director of AI, Chad Green, will be presenting at next week's GSX 2023 in Dallas, Texas. He will discuss the importance of combining visual gun detection intelligence with a nearly instantaneous automated response and communication as the key factor to save lives in moments of gun violence or mass shootings. The company will also be showcasing live gun detection demonstrations of its software and successful VMS integrations with partners such as Avigilon, Genetec and Milestone in booth #3446.

Omnilert Gun Detect has emerged as one of the most effective active shooter solutions to help minimize the devastating impacts of mass shooting events. When integrated with existing cameras, the software can identify a weapon in less than a second and once verified takes only a second more to initiate a robust response such as locking doors, contacting police, and notifying those in harm's way. Omnilert Gun Detect is used by several hundred schools and other organizations including hospitals, government institutions and commercial companies. Just a few of the schools that have incorporated Omnilert's technology recently include Baltimore Public Schools, Nashville Public School District,  Charles County Public Schools, and Sonoran University.  

Speaker: Chad Green, Director of AI, Omnilert
Date and Time: Monday, September 11, 3:15 - 4:15 pm
Location:  D166
Title of Presentation: Detection & Response Activation—Critical Components for Active Shooter Technology Solutions

Overview of Discussion:  In 2022, there were a staggering 649 U.S. mass shootings. We must better protect our people and we have technologies available to detect gun threats today —not in the future. The method of detection is critical to helping prevent tragedies but taking that intelligence and combining it with a nearly instantaneous automated response is the key factor to success.  Utilizing mass shooting case studies from Parkland and Covenant schools, this session will review multiple active shooter prevention technologies and explain how AI-driven visual gun detection has emerged as a highly effective solution. This technology can monitor and detect, but it can also quickly alert and trigger sophisticated security procedures.