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OmnilertAug 17, 2023 9:41:49 AM2 min read

Fox News: Utah Native Invents AI Gun Detection Technology


Jenna Bree of Fox 13 News in Utah, reports on how one Utah native quit his job to work full-time on creating an artificial intelligence gun detection system.  School shootings hit close to home for Chad Green, Omnilert's Director of Artificial Intelligence. “My cousin's daughter was actually killed in the Newtown Connecticut shooting," he said.

In 2017, Chad Green, quit his job to work full-time on creating an artificial intelligence gun detection system. “It's unfortunate that this technology is needed," said Green. "Obviously I didn't come up with it as a product that I was excited to sell. It came out of necessity.”

“Cameras are already placed in schools," he said. "They're very common, and it's a great idea to have, but nobody's looking at them, so all day every day the cameras are there watching what happens, but we only use them to go back in time and see if we can figure out what happened.”

AI gives schools the opportunity to have eyes on potential threats 24/7; if Omnilert detects a gun, within seconds, pre-planned responses kick in, like locking doors and calling the police. Watch the report below.

The Utah board of education has released grants for school safety and security services and materials which can be used for Omnilert Gun Detect; $72 million dollars has been allocated to the ‘School Safety and Support Grant Program.’ Schools need to apply for the grant by September 15.



Read the Full Article on Fox 13


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