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OmnilertSep 28, 2022 4:05:29 PM2 min read

NBC Special Report on Gun Violence: AI Gun Detection

NBC Washington's series, "Gun Violence – A Call to Action", reports on Omnilert Gun Detect and how it may be the solution to help address the growing gun violence problem in America.

Shawn Yancy, NBC Anchor, shares, "No matter where people go throughout the day, odds are they've been caught on camera – at work, the bank, school or a shopping mall. And sometimes those cameras catch a crime, such as shootings. But what if those cameras could help before the trigger is pulled?"

"This particular technology, I think, represents a bit of a breakthrough,” said Dave Fraser, CEO of Omnilert. "The technology is not simply just recognizing guns. It actually needs to identify that there's a threat.”

Omnilert customer and retired D.C. police officer, Joe Belfiore of Security Solutions Network, added, "it's an early warning system for the potential of gun violence, like a smoke alarm for gun violence. You have an image of who might be carrying a gun and a location, so that's really useful." 

NBC is taking a hard look at one of the biggest issues in D.C. right now. For every life lost, the grief and pain affect many more. Watch the full report and see below for additional stories in the series.



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