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OmnilertMar 16, 2023 3:47:05 PM1 min read

Human Monitoring for Gun Violence is Impossible Task

"We have roughly 1500 cameras in our building fleet. I don’t know of a single school system in the United States that actively has someone sitting there monitoring cameras,” said Jason Stoddard, director of school safety and security for Charles County Public Schools, in an interview with CBS 9 in Washington D.C.  "That’s an impossible task.”

With the growing incidents of gun violence in our country, schools systems, hospitals and other organizations are investing in AI visual gun detection solutions to add a new layer of protection to their security operations.

“This technology provides real-time detection and advance warning before a situation occurs, which provides our school officials with valuable time to react to a possible safety threat,” said Stoddard. “We chose this software because it was the only solution that could provide the unique combination of early gun detection, human verification, mass communication, and an automated response. Each of these features help strengthen the school system’s comprehensive approach to keeping our children and staff safe.”

Watch the full report from CBS 9 News in Washington, D.C.:



Press Release: Maryland’s Charles County Public Schools Select Omnilert AI Visual Gun Detection to Keep Students and Staff Safe


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