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Omnilert Integrates Life-Saving AI Gun Detection into Milestone’s VMS

Integrating Omnilert’s Active Shooter Solution into Milestone’s VMS Brings Early Gun Detection and Automated Rapid Response Capabilities to the Education, Public Transportation, Retail, and Government Institutions

LEESBURG, VA – SEPTEMBER 13, 2022 Omnilert, a leader in active shooter and emergency communication solutions, today announced that it has integrated its active shooter solution, Omnilert Gun Detect, into Milestone Systems’ XProtect® video management software (VMS) to provide an integrated, end-to-end solution for gun threat detection, emergency notification and crisis management. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Omnilert Gun Detect is the most effective solution that can saves lives through the unique combination of early visual detection, mass communication and automated response.  Once a gun detection is verified, multi-channel alerts and automated safety protocols are triggered with XProtect actions and/or with Omnilert Gun Detect – all within seconds of a gun being detected.

 “There are 70+ million security cameras in the U.S. today that can be transformed by adding visual AI capabilities that can identify active shooters as soon as a gun is drawn,” said Dave Fraser, CEO of Omnilert.  “Adding the ability to detect, notify and manage these crisis events can easily extend a company’s existing investment into video surveillance and should be a top priority for Milestone’s customers including those in education, public transportation, retail and government, that have existing IP-based cameras waiting to be empowered.”

 “Omnilert’s utilization of AI and the integration with the Milestone XProtect Video Management System, allows the easy deployment of rapid visual gun detection to existing and new surveillance systems,” said David Nieweg, Community & Vertical Sales, Program Owner, Americas at Milestone Systems.

 Omnilert’s Active Shooter Solution

Omnilert Gun Detect is the industry’s most effective gun detection solution, leveraging AI technology that can reliably and rapidly recognize firearms with human verification, perform mass communications and automate response systems. The solution gives emergency response teams advance warning before shots are fired and delivers precise information on the location and visuals of the potential shooter.

 The Omnilert active shooter solution leverages a company’s existing investment in video surveillance because it uses standardized protocols that can seamlessly integrate with most existing security camera and video management systems already in place. Adding Omnilert’s AI capabilities with this existing equipment can transform video surveillance from a reactive system typically used to review situations post-event to a preventive solution that is capable of proactively spotting and potentially preventing harm.

Integration into Milestone’s XProtect Platform

XProtect’s open platform architecture has fostered an ever-expanding community of camera manufacturers, application providers and software developers, all working to create integrations and extensions to XProtect. The integration of Omnilert’s active shooter solution into XProtect can help manage the workflow of active shooter incidents, including multi-channel notifications, safety system integrations, automated management and intelligence gathering from those affected. As part of the integration, Omnilert will automatically configure the camera set up, including IP address, camera name and location, which will help speed deployment of Omnilert’s active shooter solution.


The integration between Omnilert and Milestone is complete and ready for deployment today with a subscription to Omnilert’s active shooter solution.  More details can be found in the Milestone Marketplace.