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Identiv Announces Strategic Partnership with Omnilert to Enhance Safety with Advanced Gun Detection Technology

Integration of Omnilert Gun Detect into Velocity Vision Ecosystem delivers a ...
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Omnilert Gun Detect Wins 2024 AI Breakthrough Award

The emergence of AI visual gun detection technology has become one of the most ...
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Omnilert Integrates its AI Visual Gun Detection Technology with Hanwha Vision’s Wisenet WAVE VMS to Deliver Active Shooter Protection

Omnilert Gun Detect leads the industry as the only solution that goes beyond detection ...
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Specialization Matters: Ensuring Safety with AI Visual Gun Detection

Your family doctor is a great resource for routine healthcare and initial diagnosis but ...
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Omnilert Wins AI Innovation Award for its AI Visual Gun Detection

The awards just keep coming for Omnilert’s AI visual gun detection technology – with the ...
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Customer Service is Key to Great AI Visual Gun Detection

In the past few years, multiple AI visual gun detection technologies have been announced ...
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Why Every School Needs a Safety Team

With more than 346 school shootings in 2023 alone, the importance of school safety has ...
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AI Visual Gun Detection Protects Higher Education from Gun Violence

In a recent BestColleges survey, 65% of students interviewed said that school shootings ...
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Omnilert Announces the Industry's First Integrated AI Gun Detection Appliance

New Omnilert Gun Detect Appliance Integrates Hardware, AI Software, Monitoring Services, ...
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Omnilert’s AI Visual Gun Detection System to be Showcased at ISC West

Live Demos of Omnilert Gun Detection Technology will be Featured in the Omnilert, Evolv, ...
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AI Visual Gun Detection Helps Keep Healthcare Workers and Patients Safe from Active Shooters and Gun Violence

According to an insurance industry report, active shooter incidents in hospitals have ...
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Seeing Beyond the Frame: Video Enhances Gun Detection Intelligence

Learn why a video clip can make all the difference in real time situational analysis AI ...
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