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AI Tops the SIA’s 2022 MegaTrends List

The Security Industry Association (SIA) recently released their Annual 2022 Security Megatrends Report and it was no surprise to us that AI was the #1 Megatrend of the year. According to the report, “While AI may have once been simple marketing hype from companies seeking promotional value, today the application of AI is a real part of most company’s next generation solutions, correlating data that had been heretofore uncorrelated and automating one or two more processes or steps to make a business owner or a security officer’s job that much easier.”


Three key takeaways highlighted in the report:

  • AI is not universally defined, and AI is best viewed as specific subfields of development, ranging from computer vision to deep learning.
  • Development of AI-specific chips is propelling new advancements.
  • This Megatrend promises to influence every sector of security, from guards to drones to identifying solutions through big data processing — even validating device cybersecurity by providing comprehensive scenario testing.

At Omnilert, we could not agree more!  As provider of an AI-powered Active Shooter Solution, we see first hand how AI is transforming the security of public places in an effort to protect people and save lives.  And this transformation is huge. Take for example, the 70 million security cameras installed throughout the US today. Many of those cameras are either not being utilized or prone to human error if a human alone is in charge of monitoring the feed.  Even more surprising is that less than 1 percent of all surveillance video today is watched live.  That certainly doesn’t help in an active shooter situation.


The use of AI technology has the potential to transform this huge installed base of video surveillance cameras. Instead of viewing footage after something happens, an AI powered monitoring system is always on and looking for a gun in real-time.  And, depending on the security platform in place, it can also send alerts, contact the police, lock doors, and much more once a threat is verified.


To illustrate how Omnilert’s AI gun detection technology works, and the transformation AI is making in security, our CEO Dave Fraser recently sat down with CBS broadcast news. You can watch the 3 minute interview below.



Here are some of the highlights from Dave’s interview:

  • The key to a successful outcome from an active shooter incident lies in the speed of response and the preparedness of the store, school or business for such an event.
  • AI active shooter solutions can save lives and even stop mass shootings before they start.
  • In under a second, an AI-powered visual gun detection system can identify a visible gun.
  • AI gun detection can be integrated seamlessly with most existing IP-based security cameras and video management systems. No new investment in cameras needed!
  • Unlike audible gunshot detection, and AI solution can send the alert BEFORE a shot is fired, which is key to preventing tragedies. 

If you are interested in learning more about AI gun detection and our visual Active Shooter Solution, check out these resources:


Feel free to contact us to answer any questions you may have on active shooter protection and how AI can help transform your security plans.