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emergency alert templates
Elizabeth VenafroJun 10, 2021 10:57:00 AM4 min read

Top 6 Emergency Alert Templates for Outages

Power and network outages can impact operational business continuity and, in some cases, cause harm if left unaddressed. When it comes to mission-critical equipment, downtime can damage a business’ reputation, as well as negatively impact revenue and productivity.


You can more quickly resolve these threats by integrating your systems with a mass notification system. Your team will gain valuable time by receiving a real-time mass alert. Omnilert's mass notification software enables you to align, capture, and immediately initiate your organization’s utility failure plan with automated, pre-defined actions and workflows.


Power outage emergency alert templates can be drafted and set to deploy instantaneously, which is extremely timely when a service failure may block the usual methods of communicating. Similar to power outages, mass texts and notifications for email and network outages can be drafted ahead of time.

Service Outage Message Templates


Below are some emergency alert templates for general service outages and situations that may require urgent notifications. These message templates can be used "as is" in your communications plan or they can be customized with easily populated details. As every organization has its own needs, you may simply find inspiration for creating your own message templates.

1. Network Outage


[LOCATION] is experiencing a network/internet outage. Engineers are working to resolve the issue at this time. Updates to follow.

2. Power Outage (Localized)


[LOCATION] is currently experiencing a power outage. Crews are working to restore power. Updates to follow. Visit [URL] for info.

3. Power Failure


Emergency! There has been a power failure at [LOCATION]. Stay calm. Follow instructions from authorities. 

4. Power Failure (Widespread)


[ORGANIZATION/INSTITUTION NAME] is experiencing a major power failure. All buildings and facilities are affected. Remain calm. There is NO immediate need for an evacuation. Follow instructions from officials and local authorities. More information may be found at [URL].  

5. Utility Failure


A utility failure has occurred at [LOCATION]. Building [LOCATION] is temporarily closed. See [URL] for details.

6. Utility Failure 2


A utility failure occurred in Building [LOCATION]. The location/building is temporarily closed until service is restored and the area is safe for re-entry.  


For the most part, these message templates are designed to be shorter than 160 characters, which is ideal for SMS mass text messages. In cases where additional information needs to be provided, longer messages can be sent with a link appended to read the entire mass alert. 

Emergency Alert Template Best Practices


Messages should be exact, concise, and time-tested to effectively keep you and those you care for safe, sound, and informed of urgent matters. When drafting the message templates, the intent is not incite panic, but rather to clearly communicate with those potentially at risk. The messages should be informative in nature, providing your constituents with relevant instructions and resources.


The safety experts at Margolis Healy suggest each message consist of the following three components:


  • Alerting (attention management) – Calling the user’s attention to the issue at hand
  • Informing (information transfer) – What is happening and what the user should and should not do
  • Reassuring (emotional payload) – The degree of sensitivity as to the audience

The key takeaway is to ensure emergency notifications are already in the queue in preparation for utility failures, power outages, and network outages. Pre-written and pre-approved mass notifications save time, ensure clear communications, and prevent panic.


Whether you are a K-12 school, university, corporate workplace, manufacturer, hospital, or government facility, a strong emergency mass notification system can help you handle a utility failure crisis.


Omnilert customers receive access to a comprehensive message template library through our support portal. We have also crafted some message templates that can be added right now to your emergency communications plan.

Click here to download the Top 5 Emergency Templates Whitepaper