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How to Measure the Effectiveness of Emergency Notifications

In an emergency situation, it is difficult to predict the outcome. With that said, the advanced technology and reporting capabilities of an Emergency Notification System can allow safety officers and emergency managers to measure the effectiveness of emergency alerts and notifications, gain visibility to subscriber status, and ultimately reduce risk.  An emergency notification system with easily accessible administrative reports enables you to better prepare for a crisis.


When deciding how to best handle an emergency situation, your plans and strategies should be based on quantifiable metrics, such as:

  • - How many subscribers successfully received messages in a given period of time?
  • - Which channels are most successful in delivering messages?
  • - What is the messaging frequency and volume over time?
  • - What are the results from scheduled tests?
  • - What does subscriber growth and stability look like over time?


Performance monitoring can conducted throughout the lifecycle of an alert and the data can be integrated into responses to future incidents or the current incident. For example, a low delivery rate to an initial message could lead to a change in your delivery channel method in a follow-on message.


Omnilert recently released two new reports to provide emergency notification system administrators with high level data focused on assessing reach, frequency and efficiency of messages, and the status of subscribers.  Regardless of the channel you use to contact subscribers, the reports will help you understand how well you are communicating.



Emergency Notification Subscriber Status


Emergency Notification Subscriber Status


The "Subscriber Status" report provides you with a snapshot view of the growth of your subscriber base over time. The main purpose of this report is to give you a sense of the size of your subscriber base at quick glance. It includes critical information, such as the total number of subscribers and active number of subscribers, as well as the number of subscribers who are set to expire, so you can take action to retain them.


You can make adjustments to the data displayed, as well as the time interval of the report. Reports can be exported to a printable document or image file (PDF or PNG). The data can also be exported into a CSV file.



Emergency Notification Reach


Emergency Notification Subscribers Reached


The "Subscribers Reached" report provides you with high level visualizations of the number of people you reach, the frequency, and the contact method. You will see the number of messages sent and which channel you are most successfully reaching subscribers over time. It displays a snapshot of messages delivered through the standard delivery methods of emails, text messages (SMS), voice calls, and the mobile app (push notifications). The report shows the overall rate of successful delivery to subscribers over any interval.


You can make adjustments to the data displayed, as well as the time interval of the report. Reports can be exported to a printable document or image file (PDF or PNG). The data can also be exported into a CSV file.



Next Steps


These emergency management reports will help to guide you in developing an emergency response strategy that is more effective and specific to the needs of your organization, campus, or school. Crisis communication strategies should be regularly updated using the latest technologies and reporting capabilities.


Consistent, clear, and insightful measurements can inform and improve emergency response to future events.  By evaluating the data, we can learn from past experiences and create new best practices.  



To learn more about how to measure the effectiveness of your emergency notifications, click here to schedule a demo.

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