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  • Omnilert was the first company to establish the emergency mass notification market. It offers the broadest array of solutions, spanning prevention, notification, engagement, and incident management, as well as the most comprehensive multi-channel communications.



2,500+ organizations and the world’s leading brands rely on Omnilert to keep millions of people safe.



Red Cross Emergency Notification SystemsUniversity of Virginia Emergency Notification SystemBuffalo State Emergency Notification SystemsMary Kay Emergency Notification SystemsUS Army Emergency Notification Systems



  • Emergency Communication Designed Around
    You and Your Industry

  • When it comes to sending an alert notification, every industry has its own communication requirements. Omnilert understands the needs of corporations, higher education campuses, K-12 schools, healthcare organizations, manufacturing companies, government institutions, and public and private venues. We’re committed to providing a reliable emergency notification system suited not just to your industry but to the unique needs of your organization.

    Omnilert has the decades of experience needed to design, test, monitor, and support emergency notification systems for complex organizations worldwide. Contact us today and put our expertise to work for you.

    Failure is not an option.

    Your people depend on you. During an emergency situation, members of your organization will need guidance, information, and potentially help from outside sources like law enforcement or medical providers. When every second counts, you can't afford an emergency notification solution that doesn't reach the right people at the right time.


    A reliable notification system can save lives, secure property, and ensure business continuity. You can immediately deploy a preplanned emergency response, disperse information to those who need it, open a conference call among internal members, and reach out to local authorities. Whatever is needed to ensure the best possible outcome, you can ensure at the touch of a button.

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    In this whitepaper, crisis communication expert Bob Jensen shares what you need to know about protecting your people during an active shooter emergency. By reading this whitepaper you will:

    Learn how to assemble and train a capable team.
    Develop an understanding of what to do before, during, and after an incident.
    Understand how automated technology mitigates human error while allowing you to reach your community when reaching them matters most.

    From the office to the campus,
    be prepared for every emergency scenario with the industry’s most complete notification and alert solution.

    When a crisis arises, the most important thing is to be able to focus your efforts on the situation. Omnilert provides critical communication solutions to help you reach the right people, with the right information, when they need to take appropriate action.

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      When every second counts, Omnilert delivers on every screen and through every channel. Our best-of-breed technology empowers you to initiate a response in seconds through mass calling, text alerts, email, social, and beyond – to mobilize your team, from key staff to first responders to local media, with a single touch.

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      SUCCESS Program

      During a crisis, it's not enough to have the fastest, most reliable technology. To ensure success, you need an experienced partner to guide your response. Omnilert is committed to providing the right training, best practices, and guidance that can help you achieve the best outcome under the worst conditions.



    Omnilert is the leader in developing and implementing emergency notification and alert systems. As a leader in the industry, we provide useful templates, research, and tools to help you effectively respond to emergency situations.

    Dive deep into critical communication and emergency notification topics that help you be successful in developing guidelines for exercising your notification system, implementing proven success indicators, and maintaining peace of mind through delivering accurate and immediate communications.

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