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Emergency Communications

Omnilert was the first company to establish the emergency notification system market.  It offers the broadest array of solutions, spanning prevention, emergency notifications, engagement, and critical event management, as well as the most comprehensive multi-channel emergency communications capabilities. In our recent survey, nearly 92% of Omnilert customers agreed we were an innovation leader and the most trusted partner in the emergency mass notification system market.

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Omnilert is the most trusted emergency communications partner to over 2,500 customers.

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Campus Safety
pandemic communications
American Red Cross
essential workers
public safety

One System for All Emergency Communications

Emergencies take many forms—hurricanes, fires,  active shooters, power outages, and global pandemics. Omnilert’s broad approach to prevention, emergency notifications, engagement, and critical event management leverages automation and next generation artificial intelligence (AI) to provide solutions that are applicable to all crisis situations.

Campus Safety
campus safety

Safety officials must be proactive in providing preventative resources to their campus community and ensuring all students and faculty are reached in case of a potential threat. 55% of students say they would not know what to do should an emergency occur in school.

Gun Detection
active shooter

The increasing number of active shooter incidents places an obligation on organizations to put a proactive response to gun violence in place. 48% of customers said an active shooter is the most concerning emergency situation.


Hurricane Season
natural disaster

As hurricanes shift paths, floods threaten lives and property, and wildfires appear out of nowhere, automated solutions help reach those in danger when it matters the most.



Power Outage
utility failure

Power and network outages can impact operational business continuity and cause harm if left unaddressed. 80% of power failures are preventable. Resolve threats to your critical infrastructure with automated emergency communication systems.

pandemic communications
health crisis

Emergency communications technologies are at the heart of public health. Recent experiences during the coronavirus pandemic have demonstrated the value of having the right infrastructure in place to issue timely health alerts and warnings.


Broadest Array of Emergency Communications Solutions

With the broadest array of solutions, Omnilert matches the needs of organizations of all sizes, and goes beyond a mass alert system and into prevention, engagement with the user community, and management of critical incidents.

Gun Detection
Proactive solutions, such as Omnilert Gun Detect, provide early warnings and automated alerts using our emergency notification system app and leveraging artificial intelligence to detect and prevent critical events before they occur.
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Emergency Mass Notification System
Notification System
The ability to send emergency mass alerts through the most comprehensive multi-channel emergency communications channels -- beyond mass text, email, and voice to mobile safety apps, social media, signage, alarms, and access control systems.
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Two-Way Communication
Small teams can engage with large audiences by easily and iteratively dividing users into targeted groups and sending them relevant information.
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Critical Event Management
Critical event automation and visualization with pre-defined actions and workflows.
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Emergencies don’t make plans, but you can. When every second counts, there is no room for human error. Omnilert does its job, so you can do yours. Contact us today regarding your emergency preparedness.