• By preparing for every scenario, you can immediately initiate emergency notifications, alerts, and actions - with the press of a button - reaching everyone, everywhere.

    Omnilert brings technology and support together to provide the most reliable notification system available to create a high-speed, incredibly accurate emergency response to protect your organization's people and assets.


Emergency Communication Designed Around
You and Your Industry.

Each industry and each organization are different. Each has its own communication requirements. Omnilert helps customers implement custom emergency alert and notification solutions for corporations, higher education campuses, healthcare organizations, manufacturing companies, and government institutions.

Omnilert has the experience to design, test, monitor, and support emergency notification systems for the complex organizations world-wide. Contact us today and put our experience to work for you.

When you're responsible for saving lives, we know failure is not an option.

During an emergency, lives hang in the balance. People are depending on you to respond. When every second counts, you can't afford an emergency notification solution that doesn't reach the right people at the right time.


When you're successful, you save lives, secure property, and ensure business continuity.

Omnilert. Making the connections that count.

Alerting is not enough!  Emergency notification systems require ongoing effective management of the communication plan


Technology and government regulations have moved emergency notifications from just text and email to a countless number of ways to alert your people. Implementing multiple endpoints is now the new standard.

Emergency alert systems must be designed around the specific needs of each organization. Understanding the organization, determining what needs to be accomplished, and what is required - both operationally and legally - is paramount to implementing an emergency notification system.


From the office to the campus,
be prepared for every emergency scenario with the industry’s most complete notification and alert solution.

When a crisis arises, the most important thing is to be able to focus your efforts on the situation. Omnilert provides critical communication solutions to help you reach the right people, with the right information, when they need to take appropriate action.

  • Technology

    When every second counts, Omnilert delivers on every screen and through every channel. Our best-of-breed technology empowers you to initiate a response in seconds through text, email, social, and beyond – to mobilize your team, from key staff to first responders to local media, with a single touch.

  • SUCCESS Program

    During a crisis, it's not enough to have the fastest, most reliable technology. To ensure success, you need an experienced partner to guide your response. Omnilert is committed to providing the right training, best practices, and guidance that can help you achieve the best outcome under the worst conditions.


Omnilert is the leader in developing and implementing emergency notification and alert systems. As a leader in the industry, we provide useful templates, research, and tools to help you effectively repsond to emergency situations.

Dive deep into critical communication and emergency notification topics that help you be successful in developing guidelines for exercising your notification system, implementing proven success indicators, and maintaining peace of mind through delivering accurate and immediate communications.

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