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Announcing 2018 Critical Mass Magazine - Automating Emergency Notifications

Frank McCathran


We are very excited to share the 2018 volume of Critical Mass Magazine: Automating Emergency Notifications.  


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Critical Insights, ENS Implementation & Management, Selecting the right ENS, Emergency Planning & Preparation, Automating Emergency Notifications

Using a pre-defined series of actions to mitigate risk.

Frank McCathran

We hope emergencies never happen. 

With the increasing instances of violence in the workplace, environmental disasters, and terrorism, corporations are being challenged to minimize the associated impacts to operations and lives. Unfortunately, the reality is they will arise at any time. Preparing for potentially disastrous events cannot be left to an ad hoc management approach to risk. The question is how can organizations mitigate risk when they do arise?


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Critical Insights, Emergency Communications & Notifications, ENS Implementation & Management, Selecting the right ENS, Emergency Planning & Preparation, Automating Emergency Notifications

Increasing peace of mind by sending accurate notifications during emergencies

Frank McCathran

No business is immune to disaster. Weather events, workplace violence, fires - these types of emergencies can affect any type of business at any time, without warning. It is enough to keep an operations manager or an executive up at night, worrying about what could go wrong.

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Emergency Planning & Preparation

Alerting is not enough: The importance of sending more than a text message

Frank McCathran

Many organizations have implemented an emergency notification system to notify their people and have an emergency action plan.  Although this plan is helpful to an organization’s internal team, what about direction for those receiving the alert?

Just sending an alert via text message or email to your people is not enough.

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Communications Matter: Digital signage provides emergency notification integration

Samantha Leland

Integrating your emergency notifications with any and every communication channel possible is paramount. Digital signage is a common technology found on college and corporate campuses, and should be utilized during emergencies to not only be sure those already registered to receive text messages and emails are informed, but to also inform all visitors and those who are not registered.

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ENS Implementation & Management, Emergency Planning & Preparation

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