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OmnilertDec 20, 2022 11:35:00 PM1 min read

Reuters News: New AI Tech Claims to Spot Active Shooters

Reuters & Yahoo News featured the following story on Omnilert Gun Detect. Watch the news video below or click over to read the full story on Yahoo News.


Can artificial intelligence be used to spot an active shooter… before it’s too late? This demo sequence shows how U.S.-based company Omnilert monitors security cameras to detect potential gun threats.

“…we can use those precious seconds and minutes to set into action an automated response plan, which could involve locking doors, setting off sirens, contacting the police with rich information.”

Omnilert CEO Dave Fraser, “What is, has been remarkable about many active shooter situations is that the assailants are actually visible in security cameras for seconds and sometimes minutes. So you think about the situation in Parkland where the active shooter was caught on camera preparing in one of the stairwells. In situations like Tops Market, or in Uvalde, there's parking lots and lobby areas where the assailant was visible to security cameras.’’

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