Case Studies - Emergency Notification and Crisis Communication 


Review our case studies to learn how other organizations have applied Omnilert's emergency communication strategies and solutions to improve alerting and notification processes.




Dewees Island Case Study
Dewees Island

Critical communication helps a water locked island keep their staff, residents, and visitors safe. Dewees Island is able to send notifications to their people on or off the island through multiple avenues of communication.


ProJet increases peace of mind by sending accurate & immediate notifications during emergencies. Reduces employee stress during emergencies and brings peace of mind for those responsible for safety.

Towson University & Omnilert Partner: Industry Weapon

Digital signage provides alert integrations for Towson University. Automatic powerful and digital notifications are displayed across campus the instant an alert is initiated.

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

Easy and automatic initiation, increases response time, and fulfills the promise to protect the campus community.

Case Study
R.D. Scinto Property Management

R.D. Scinto builds tenant loyalty with proactive emergency communications. The company excels in its service commitment to tenants. With helps from Omnilert, R.D. Scinto actually increased customer loyalty and added about 70 new tenants following implimentation.

The Mosaic Company

Connecting employees across 100 square miles and communication dead zones. Omnilert created an easy to use and dependable emergency communication system for a variety of purposes.

Delgado Community College

Deldago Community College alerts and informs a commuter campus population throughout hurricane season. The Omnliert emergency notification system provides information to students and empowers staff before, during, & after an aggressive Gulf Coast storm season.

Anne Arundel Community College

Anne Arundel Communiety College has the ability to prepare for any emergency with a versatile emergency notification system. AACC quickly and effectively communicates public safety announcements.

Case Study
Major Pharmaceutical Company

Pharmaceutical company reinforces safety commitment with mass notifications. The Omnilert's cloud-based notification system can be relied on to deliver emergency and routine communications anywhere, anytime, on any device

Case Study
United Regional Health Care

United Regional Health Care replaces previous notification system with a faster, more reliable one. They created a cell phone-connected emergency notification system to replace conventional answering service and audio system.

Millersville University

Lesson learned form a campus lockdown. They successfully notified students, staff, & local media during multiple emergency scenarios and university lockdowns, and helped to apprehend a threatening individual.