Mindless violence is best counteracted by mindful planning.

That means training the right people with the right skills, crafting a durable emergency response, and ensuring that important modes of communication are in place—long before a crisis ever occurs. Why? Because the best way to protect people during an active shooter emergency is to be prepared for one.

An equipped organization is an empowered organization.

Get started with our FREE “Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness” guide.

In this whitepaper, crisis communication expert Bob Jensen and Omnilert's Frank McCathran share what you need to know about protecting your people during an active shooter emergency. By reading this whitepaper you will:


Learn how to assemble and train a capable team.


Develop an understanding of what to do before, during, and after an incident.


Understand how automated technology mitigates human error while allowing you to reach your community when reaching them matters most.

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