Facility Managers: Active Shooter Preparedness

Active Shooter Preparedness Webinar

Advance Warning Before Shots Are Fired

2020 will go on record as the deadliest year for gun violence with 20,000 Americans dead, and 2021 isn’t looking much better with 7 mass shootings in 7 days. Despite a decrease in mass gatherings due to COVID-19, senseless deaths due to gun violence are on the rise. These tragic events underscore the need for serious conversations around upgrading and modernizing security technologies to dismantle active shooter situations much faster.

Video surveillance systems are increasingly deployed to mitigate the risk of active shooter incidents, but monitoring them can be difficult, unreliable and expensive. Simply recording an active shooter incident is completely ineffective in preventing the situation from occurring in the first place.

Enter a new generation of AI-powered, visual gun detection solutions that use existing video surveillance systems to reliably and rapidly recognize firearms and immediately trigger multi-channel alerts and automated pre-defined safety protocols, including the ability to automatically initiate a lockdown. Technologies like these can mitigate an active shooter situation and ultimately save lives.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How facility managers can best prepare for active shooter incidents
  • What steps to take to possibly prevent active shooter situations
  • How best to protect your students, employees, and/or visitors from harm
  • Why the first minute of an emergency situation is so critical
  • Ways in which organizations and institutions are leveraging new preventative technologies to mitigate risk

Emergencies don’t make plans, but you can.