The fast, easy way to send text message alerts to all your people

Omnilert is the leading integrated mass notification system for sending time-sensitive information to large groups of people. Sending text message alerts to groups of your employees, customers, students, local citizens and other important stakeholders for your company, organization, or government agency is fast and easy.  The cloud-based system is easy to use and powerful enough to send hundreds of thousands text messages per minute.

You can use Omnilert for both emergency alerts and routine or operational notifications without worrying about the “crying wolf” effect.  Your emergency text messages are sent using a dedicated SMS short code that lets recipients know immediately that the text is urgent.  Your routine reminders and operational messages such as staffing changes are sent via other methods.  These feature a non-urgent short code and can be pre-scheduled for delivery at specific dates and times or specific intervals.

To send text alerts simply log into the system, select the type of alert you want to send, choose the groups of people you want to send to, compose your message and click send.  There is even a Scenarios feature that will automatically send a series of pre-defined messages to your people with a single click in an emergency.

Beyond Text Message Alerts

You can use Omnilert for far more than just text message alerts.  The Omnilert critical mass communications system can send your message in a wide variety of ways from one simple web interface: SMS/text, email, voice messages, social media, web widgets, and an array of additional safety endpoints

  • Mobile phones (text message)
  • Traditional wired phones (voice message)
  • VoIP phones
  • Satellite phones
  • Mobile Apps
  • iPads & tablets
  • Wireless PDAs
  • Text pagers
  • Personal email accounts
  • Work email accounts
  • Web pages
  • RSS feeds
  • Personalized portals (MyYahoo, Google or AOL page)
  • Facebook pages
  • Twitter accounts
  • CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) devices
  • RSS readers
  • Digital signage systems
  • Visual displays systems
  • L.E.D. ticker displays & locks
  • Alert beacons
  • TTY/TDD devices
  • Loudspeakers & giant voice systems
  • Public address systems (PA systems)
  • Voice sirens