Why Omnilert?

Founded in 2004, Omnilert pioneered the emergency mass notification market and is the innovation leader and most trusted partner to thousands of institutions. Here are some reasons to select Omnilert for your organization.

Reasons to Select Omnilert

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Most Advanced

The only solution to combine AI weapons detection with emergency communications.

emergency management


An end-to-end solution going beyond notifications into prevention, engagement, and incident management.



A set of base platforms that match the evolving needs of customers, whether new to emergency management or seeking a more sophisticated system. Powerful yet easy to use.



Our customers love our product, but love our service more. We’ve earned a world-class net promoter score (NPS) by being there for you from implementation on-boarding through managing emergencies.

Leading Innovations

AI-Powered Gun Detection

Our visual system works with your surveillance system to redefine prevention -- executing your active shooter plan before the incident escalates and shots are fired. Available standalone or with integrated emergency management.

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A wide set of native endpoints with others easily integrated via API.

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Setup pre-scripted actions in advance to be executed flawlessly with one click.

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Instant App

A unique approach that gives your people all the power of our subscriber app, whether they’ve downloaded it or not. Frees you from low app install rates.

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Long SMS

Go ahead and send SMS messages of any size or contents. Our system automatically turns them into personalized, viewable, multi-media content.

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Mass Engagement

Our unique strategy to allow small response teams to have personalized interaction with large user communities and keep on top of unfolding incidents.

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Priority Alerting

Designate a subgroup to receive initial alerts and determine the best response to important events, such as gun detection, weather alerts, and tips or panic alerts from people. 

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Emergencies don’t make plans, but you can. When every second counts, there is no room for human error. Omnilert does its job, so you can do yours. Contact us today regarding your emergency preparedness.