Active Shooter Prevention & Emergency Notifications

Omnilert is transforming public safety with an industry-leading prevention platform that combines our emergency mass notification system with advanced AI-powered, visual gun detection.

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When Prevention is the Priority

Since our founding in 2004, Omnilert has been at the forefront of emergency communications and now supports over 2,500 customers to keep people safe. We go beyond traditional multi-channel, emergency notification systems and into prevention -- the ability to avoid and mitigate a critical event. 

We are the only company in emergency communications to offer integrated gun detection within our platform. Omnilert's award-winning Gun Detect allows organizations to prevent the impact of gun violence, which is consistently ranked as the highest concern by our customers.

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Gun Detection White Paper

A 20-page report on gun violence in the US and the preventative solutions available to help detect and stop it. 

The paper details Omnilert's visual gun detection technology, the AI that drives detection, how both guns and gun threats are identified, and the protocols that Omnilert's integrated solution follows once a gun is detected. Alternative offerings are evaluated, including gunshot detection, physical detectors, and live monitoring by security teams.

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Webinar: Gun Violence in the Workplace

Join us as we discuss how AI-powered technology can detect guns and gun threats when coupled with an advanced emergency notification system to mitigate the threat of gun violence in the workplace.

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