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Interview: Police Chief on Emergency Preparedness at Buffalo State College

Juliet Hulse

In this Q&A, originally published in the 2018 Critical Mass Magazine, Chief Peter Carey discusses how Buffalo State College coordinates emergency preparedness, notification, and response throughout the entire campus community. Carey is Campus Safety Magazine’s 2017 Campus Safety Director of the Year for Higher Education.  

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Announcing 2018 Critical Mass Magazine - Automating Emergency Notifications

Frank McCathran


We are very excited to share the 2018 volume of Critical Mass Magazine: Automating Emergency Notifications.  


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Critical Insights, ENS Implementation & Management, Selecting the right ENS, Emergency Planning & Preparation, Automating Emergency Notifications

Using a pre-defined series of actions to mitigate risk.

Frank McCathran

We hope emergencies never happen. 

With the increasing instances of violence in the workplace, environmental disasters, and terrorism, corporations are being challenged to minimize the associated impacts to operations and lives. Unfortunately, the reality is they will arise at any time. Preparing for potentially disastrous events cannot be left to an ad hoc management approach to risk. The question is how can organizations mitigate risk when they do arise?


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Critical Insights, Emergency Communications & Notifications, ENS Implementation & Management, Selecting the right ENS, Emergency Planning & Preparation, Automating Emergency Notifications

5 reasons to automate emergency notifications today

Ara Bagdasarian

This is really more than automating just emergency notifications. It is about thinking holistically about what happens when there is an incident and what communications actions occur during that first and most important minute. Notifications are certainly one type of communications action, however so are mobilizing resources and collaborating with your emergency response team. It is about automating a sequence of actions.

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Automating Emergency Notifications

3 steps to automated emergency notifications

Samantha Leland

As humans, it is common for us to get set in our ways. Change is never perceived as easy, and as Stan Goldberg said in Psychology Today, “being is easier than becoming”. But in the overlap of technology advancements with organizational safety initiatives, the obligation to move forward to provide better ways to save lives and keep our people informed during an emergency is alive and well. Although we can be resistant at times, we must make continuous changes to stay with the times and improve.

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ENS Implementation & Management, Automating Emergency Notifications

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