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The answer to this question is “mass engagement.” People find themselves in varying situations during an emergency, which require specific instructions to best guide each individual to safety. Similarly, those individuals can provide intelligence as ...
Empowers Small Safety Teams to Have Rich, Targeted Interaction with Large Groups of People
Gun violence on public property has been weighing heavily on law enforcement officials and capitol police officers, especially after the recent riots and with the upcoming presidential inauguration. There are renewed calls to action on social media ...
Outranks Competition in Product Capabilities and Customer Support
Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC is an international coach, trainer, author and professional speaker, who is widely regarded as an expert in crisis communications and media issues. For 15 years, he worked in print, radio and television as a front line ...

Changing the Face of Emergency Communications

When a crisis situation happens at your place of school, work, or play there’s no time to think. ...
Juliet Hulse

Emergency Notifications in the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are anchor institutions in our communities when it comes to ...
Juliet Hulse

Using Pre-Planned Templates to Improve ENS Efficiency

Communication and information are essential tools in getting people to safety and minimizing the ...
Nathan Gavacs

Mass Notification Systems for Manufacturing & Distribution Centers

Manufacturers have some of the most stringent worker safety standards of any industry. The ...
Juliet Hulse

Venue Safety - Notifications Across All Available Channels

No matter a venue’s purpose or location, there are bound to be all sorts of emergency incidents ...
Juliet Hulse

Implementing an Emergency Response & Action Plan at a Corporate Campus

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” meaning in order ...
Frank McCathran
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