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Real-Time Situational Intelligence is Vital in An Active Shooter Situation

It happened again….and this time it was University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill when ...
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Baltimore County Public Schools to Deploy Omnilert AI Active Shooter Solution to Keep Students and Staff Safe

Omnilert Gun Detect is the only solution that spans visual gun detection, human ...
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AI Visual Gun Detection Takes Center Stage at GSX 2023

GSX 2023 is a wrap and AI visual gun detection technology continued to be one of the ...
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AI Software to Detect Weapons

WVIR NBC in Charlottesville, VA reports that there are about seventy million cameras ...
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Sonoran University Shares Importance of Omnilert Gun Detect for Safety

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Evolv Integrates Omnilert’s AI Gun Detection Technology into Evolv Extend to Help Keep Customers Safe from Active Shooters

New product offering combines leading AI technologies for concealed weapon and brandished ...
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Omnilert to Present at GSX as it Gets Adopted Across the Country

Omnilert Gun Detect will be demonstrated in Booth #3446, highlighting the ability to ...
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Baltimore County Schools to Monitor 7,000 Cameras with Omnilert Gun Detect

With schools coming back in session around the country, Baltimore County Public School ...
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Nashville Goes Back to School with AI Visual Gun Detection

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Fox News: Utah Native Invents AI Gun Detection Technology

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Active Shooter Response is Much More Than Gun Detection & Verification

As schools, hospitals, retail stores, and other venues race to secure their facilities ...
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Retail & Restaurant Facilities Stay Safe With AI Visual Gun Detection

With 2022 being the most violent year in American retail businesses, the need has never ...
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