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Mitigating Harm through Emergency Response Automation

During a recent ZeroNow Sessions roundtable with Jeff Kelly, the director of K12 ...
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Reuters News: New AI Tech Claims to Spot Active Shooters

Reuters & Yahoo News featured the following story on Omnilert Gun Detect. Watch the ...
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Reflecting on Parkland, Things Could be Different Today

It’s been 4.5 years since the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in ...
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Weapons Detection Technology Compared

Living in the modern world is considerably different from two decades ago. Today, when ...
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Raptor Technologies and Omnilert Set to Deliver the Most Complete Active Shooter Protection and Response Solution for K-12 Schools

Omnilert AI Gun Detect is now part of the Raptor Ready Partner Program, Providing Easy ...
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Communications & Automation:  The Missing Link in Many Active Shooter Incidents

With the sustained rise of gun violence and active shooter tragedies over the past 10 ...
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NBC Special Report on Gun Violence: AI Gun Detection

NBC Washington's series, "Gun Violence – A Call to Action", reports on Omnilert Gun ...
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Omnilert Integrates Life-Saving AI Gun Detection into Milestone’s VMS to Assist with Active Shooter Incidents

Integrating Omnilert’s Active Shooter Solution into Milestone’s VMS Brings Early Gun ...
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Lessons from Uvalde

The recent tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas truly shook the nation and ...
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Howard Technology Solutions Partners with Omnilert to Bring Active Shooter Capabilities to its Customer Base

Omnilert's Active Shooter Solutions provides early detection of critical threats combined ...
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Omnilert and Everbridge Team to Reduce Threats from Active Shooters in Enterprises & Government Institutions

Verified Threats from Omnilert Gun Detect Expand Capability of Everbridge’s Critical ...
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Bogen Communications Partners with Omnilert for Active Shooter Safety on Campuses

MAHWAH, New Jersey (July 26, 2022) – Bogen Communications LLC, a longstanding leader in ...
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