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    Text Alerts, Emails, voice calls, desktop notifications, Social Posts - instantly

Ensuring Every Critical Warning Can Reach Every Person

Large, bustling environments such as office buildings, malls, hospitals, and campuses are populated with busy people dispersed in many locations – or often in transit from one place to the next. Reaching all of them demands that an emergency notification is delivered via every communication channel available — instantaneously and simultaneously.

This isn’t just multimodal - it’s Omnimodal.


Delivering One Message,
in Every Format, Immediately

Using a single, intuitive interface, you can launch emergency notifications simultaneously through text messages, emails, voice calls, social media posts, desktop pop-up alerts, PA announcements, feeds, and more.

  • Text messages

  • Emails

  • Voice calls

  • Mobile Apps

  • Twitter posts

  • Facebook posts

  • Widgets

  • Desktop Alerts

  • RSS Feeds

  • CAP Feeds

  • Digital Signage updates

  • Alert Beacons

  • Public Address Systems

  • Sirens

  • Fire Alarms

  • TTY

  • Blue Light Boxes

  • EAS

Designed for All of Your Critical
Communication Applications

You can deliver an emergency notification to a small or large group of people – anywhere, anytime on any device or service — all at once. With a single click of a button, you increase the odds that recipients receive your message in the most timely and relevant manner – whether they are at their desk, in a common area, or on the move. Recipients can select both the content they wish to receive and the methods by which they wish to be contacted. They can also be exposed to the message via multiple public communication channels throughout their environment.

  • Active shooter
  • Tornado
  • Earthquake
  • Hazardous Materials
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    Omnimodal Implementation

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