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A mobile safety app is an important extension to an organization’s communications strategy. The prevalence of mobile devices provides additional reach in an emergency situation, while mobile apps provide powerful new capabilities to help subscribers and manage critical incidents.

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Emergency Mass Notification Apps: Overcoming the User Adoption Gap

An emergency app brings great advantages, but often places a burden on the organization’s administrators to promote awareness and encourage download. If your subscribers don’t have the emergency alert app installed, you can’t rely on the functionality being available when you need it most. Learn more by reading The Dirty Little Secret of Emergency Notification Apps.

the percentage of users that actually download a mobile safety app
the percentage of users that enable their location services to be “always-on” the emergency alert app
the percentage of users that are ultimately covered by geo-location features on an mobile safety app

Native or Instant Emergency Alert App? You Decide.

The Instant App is included for all safety app-capable accounts, but you can choose how you use our emergency alert app offerings to best suit your needs.

Native App

Your users may prefer to have an emergency alert app installed and always available. Omnilert’s setup tools make it easy for you to encourage stragglers to sign up.

gunshot detection app
gunshot detection app
Instant App

The Instant App ensures the rich functionality of the mobile safety app can always be accessed by subscribers. It is as if you had 100% emergency app installation and adoption! Some emergency contacts may prefer to make all interactions through the Instant App and never have to worry about promoting the Native App.

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Native Emergency App Benefits

Omnilert offers native safety apps developed for Android and iOS from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. We ease the burden on administrators by helping them inform subscribers of the emergency alert app and encourage installations:

Optimized Sign-Up Workflows

Send invitation messages and automatically manage repeat reminders to unresponsive subscribers.

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Improve sign-up and retention by configuring the mobile safety app with your organization’s brand, including the start-up screen and message logo.

Dynamic updates
Dynamic Updates

Ensure the subscriber is always up to date with changes to the emergency alert app configuration made in the admin portal and reflected in real-time in the mobile safety app. No need to wait for an update to be downloaded or a third party to implement routine changes on your behalf.

Instant Emergency App Benefits

Omnilert’s Instant App provides the emergency notification system app experience to all subscribers without requiring users to download anything. Users are taken to their personalized mobile safety app experience through a link appended to messages sent.

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Powerful and Wide Reach

Get the message out and bring everyone to the full emergency app experience. Sending a text and/or email becomes the gateway to two-way messaging, polling, tipping, panic buttons, rich media, and resources.

100 percent installation
100% Installation

The Instant App alleviates the administrative burden of having to market the emergency alert app to users. It works across all channels so, if a user can be contacted, he or she can access the mobile safety app experience with a single click.

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Privacy Sensitivity

Many users worry about data collection by a mobile safety app, especially an emergency app that asks for “always on” location tracking. The Instant App alleviates those concerns by only activating during a messaging session at the choice of the user.

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Easy Accessibility

The web-based Instant App link can be easily bookmarked or saved to the user’s mobile phone home screen. This makes the emergency alert app functionality quickly accessible to users without the burden of installation.

Emergency Alert App Features

Push notifications
Push Notifications

Extend your omnimodal (multi-channel) communications to mobile devices with an emergency alert app. Subscribers receive alerts and a simple tap takes them into the emergency notification system app.

Panic button
Panic Button

Provide configurable single tap access to your organization's safety hotline or emergency services with the panic button on your emergency app.


Give subscribers the opportunity to provide information and location to safety teams through the emergency notification system app with configurable categories that can be independently routed to manage differing priorities.

Polling and check in
Mass Engagement

Enable your emergency response team to engage large audiences with interactive two-way polling and check-in through the emergency alert app. Easily and iteratively divide users into groups and, in turn, send those targeted groups the most relevant information.


Make all your safety resources available in one place in the emergency notification system app.

Cross platform
Cross Platform

Provide availability for Android mobile safety app and iOS mobile safety app.

Emergency Alert App Demo Videos

To learn more about setting up and using the Omnilert Native and Instant Apps, see the videos below or click here to watch the Instant App Demo.

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Initial Setup

Omnilert allows you to customize the emergency app with your brand to help with recognition and retention. Your changes are reflected in real-time.

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Inviting Users

Omnilert gives you the choice of how you deliver a rich emergency alert app experience to your users. Automatically narrow down unregistered devices and send invitations via email or SMS text.

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Sending Messages

You can poll subscribers by sending a question with several response options through the emergency app. View the responses in aggregate for targeted follow up. Easily and iteratively divide users into groups and, in turn, send those targeted groups the most relevant information.

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Submitting Tips

Tipping is a powerful feature that allows your subscribers to alert you to problems through the emergency notification system app. Tips can be categorized to alert the appropriate responders.