Partnering and Integration

Omnilert is a comprehensive, end-to-end, preventative solution, but it is designed to work with other essential services that form part of an overall safety system. To accomplish this, Omnilert is an open platform designed for integration, and we welcome partners and systems integrators (SIs) as essential ingredients to allow our joint customers to fulfill their goals. 

We also recognize a broader commitment to promote and support safety awareness and technology in conjunction with leaders from industry, education, non-profit, and government. Read on to learn about our involvement with these alliances.

The Omnilert Safety Integration Platform


Omnilert has a set of open interfaces which allow it to integrate with other systems. Contact Us To Learn More >>

Gun Detect integrates directly with security cameras and video management systems (VMS) to generate events, find cameras, and access video feeds.
Base Platforms can trigger external systems, such as access control, and provide rich data to public safety answering points (PSAPs).
Priority Alerts can be sent to internal personnel or integrated with monitoring services.
External systems, such as physical buttons, IoT sensors, and concealed weapon systems, can trigger Priority Alerts or automated workflows.
External endpoints, such as alarms and signage, can be integrated to extend multi-channel alerting.
system integrators

System Integrators

Omnilert’s cloud-based Platforms are designed to be easy to use and we provide support and account management which allow most customers to on-board and utilize the system successfully. In many cases, however, Omnilert must function as part of a more complete safety architecture, including systems for video surveillance and access control. The vibrant public safety market relies on the expertise of systems integrators in order to knit together and successfully use such critical systems.

Recognising the essential role that SIs play in the success of our customers, and ultimately our own success, Omnilert welcomes partnership with organizations who wish to learn and build their business with our support. A partnership with Omnilert gives SIs the opportunity to gain a recurring and high value revenue stream, and be part of making the next generation of safety systems a reality.

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ZeroNow Alliance

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Zero is the movement by the safety community to end harmful events in our schools. As a ZeroNow co-founder, we believe that if we increase the pace and scale of funding in safety technology innovation, standards, and awareness, we can bring about real change. It is our mission to one day reduce the number of violent incidents in schools and campuses to zero. 

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Omnilert welcomes partners who wish to integrate with Gun Detect and our Base Platforms. Contact Us >>