Natural Disaster

Quick reaction is key when providing timely natural disaster warnings to your users. As hurricanes shift paths, floods threaten lives and property, and wildfires appear out of nowhere, automated solutions help reach those in danger when it matters the most.


Anticipating Nature’s Fury

Natural disasters have always threatened the well-being of communities, but these critical events are occurring more and more frequently, and with greater strength than ever before. Inclement weather can severely disrupt operations and put lives at risk. It is important to examine the role of emergency communications in natural disasters. Without timely natural disaster warnings and weather alerts, students, employees, and visitors may not have enough time to seek shelter or alternate routes to their destination. As an administrator, it is not just a general duty -- there may also be legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

In the case of an imminent threat, such as a hurricane, flood, wildfire, or inclement weather, administrators cannot rely on single points of contact to relay natural disaster warnings. If your power is wiped out by a natural disaster, you won’t be able to send those emergency notifications that your community needs without a cloud-based, multi-channel communications approach.

Solution Overview

When a fast-moving storm approaches, you need an emergency response plan to reach on-the-go populations. The plan should include multiple communication channels, including SMS text message alerts, voice messages, emails, mobile app notifications, social media posts, and more.

Using pre-defined messages and automated workflows for different types of situations will save time and enable weather alerts to be more effective during an actual crisis.

At the push of a button, you can notify employees, faculty, and students of impending danger and advise them to remain at home or shelter in place. Individuals on-the-go can be informed of road closures and alternative routes. Two-way communication can be utilized for welfare checks and headcounts. Once the danger has passed, an all clear can be given to resume normal operations.

Floods exceeding $25M in damage in 2019
Wildfires exceeding $25M in damage in 2019
Winter storms exceeding $25M in damage in 2019
Severe thunderstorms exceeding $25M in damage in 2019

Industry Application

Whether you are a K-12 school, university, corporate workplace, manufacturer, hospital, or government facility, a strong natural disaster warning and management system can help you handle a natural disaster situation and keep your people safe.

natural disaster response
Schools and Campuses

Address compliance and regulatory requirements, as well as your general duty to provide a safe environment for students and faculty.                                                                                         

Corporate and Manufacturing

Automatically initiate inclement weather notices and mandated notifications to employees.                                                                                                                                                                    

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Prepare for your community’s disaster recovery plans. Adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements, protect the patients in your care, and provide a safe working environment.

Weather Alert
Government Agencies

Address compliance and regulatory requirements, as well as your general duty to promote public safety and provide a safe working environment.                                                        

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