Emergency Communication System Automation and Next Generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies

Uniquely, Omnilert employs automation and next generation artificial intelligence to expedite emergency response and enable detection and visualization of critical incidents.


Armed with innovative and intuitive emergency notification software, you are empowered to protect what matters, when it matters most.

emergency response plan

Align, capture, and immediately initiate your emergency response plan’s pre-defined actions with the touch of a button on your desktop, phone, tablet, or Apple Watch. Notify, activate, and assemble your team within seconds.

artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Enable detection and visualization of critical incidents with intelligent data capture, analysis, and sharing in an easy-to-interpret interface. Receive advance warning before shots are fired with the industry’s first AI-powered visual gun detection solution.

emergency app

Leverage the industry’s widest range of communication channels, including SMS mass text, email, voice calls, emergency app, social media, RSS, CAP, web, and more, for maximum reach.

two-way communication
Mass Engagement

Enable your emergency response team to engage large audiences with interactive two-way communication. Easily and iteratively divide users into groups and, in turn, send those targeted groups the most relevant information.


Connect other autonomously monitored systems, such as fire alarms, video surveillance equipment, IT systems, access control systems, weather alerts, and hazardous material detectors, to expedite emergency response and reduce human error.

Mobile Safety Emergency App

Expand your emergency communications reach with Omnilert’s Native and Instant Emergency Apps, providing powerful capabilities to help your subscribers and manage critical incidents.

Broadest and Most Comprehensive Multi-Channel Emergency Notification Software

Omnilert offers the broadest array of solutions, spanning prevention, notification, engagement, and incident management, as well as the most comprehensive multi-channel communications. 

multi-channel communications

When it comes to emergency notification software, technology isn’t truly advanced unless it’s easy to use and reliable.

Purpose-Built for Ease of Use

Our emergency communications technology puts great power at your fingertips, allowing you to perform multiple functions simultaneously and automatically while leveraging artificial intelligence. The result is a coordinated emergency response plan that’s simple to deploy even when you are operating under stressful circumstances. In fact, a recent survey reported 91% of customers said Omnilert was easy to use.

Designed for Duress

When you and your team are under duress, Omnilert’s emergency mass communication and critical event management technology delivers simple, split-second solutions that allow you to execute your emergency response plan with a single touch from your desktop, phone, tablet, or Apple Watch.

Ready for Any Use Case

Automation allows you to codify your emergency response plan into a series of pre-defined actions for any number of situations, such as active shooters, fires, weather emergencies, and bomb threats. When an emergency occurs, these automations can be launched at a moment's notice, allowing you to save precious seconds and lives.

Emergency Notification Software With
Advanced Network Performance

Omnilert's advanced emergency notification and critical event management solutions can be adapted to suit any use case or industry, including education, healthcare, manufacturing, private and public sector organizations. The cloud-based technology comprises software and infrastructure that ensures consistent, reliable performance, so emergency communications can be as fast, complete, and as precise as possible.


Cloud-Based Technology
Cloud-Based Technology

Your organization is afforded a failure-resistant infrastructure that is not burdened with maintenance, system security, or software updates. You can log in from any desktop or mobile device.

Scalable Technology
Loosely-Coupled Architecture

You benefit from a solution built on a flexible, loosely-coupled architecture that is easily scalable and adaptable to constantly evolving technology and processes.

Self-Healing Infrastructure

You are implementing a solution with the ability to perceive what is not operating correctly and, without human intervention, make the necessary adjustments to restore to normal operation.

integration with third-party
Robust Integrated Network

Your organization is connected to over 3,300 carriers with access to APIs that enable easy integration with third-party solutions.

Emergencies don’t make plans, but you can.  When every second counts, there is no room for human error. Omnilert does its job, so you can do yours.