Health Crisis Mass Alert

Communication lies at the heart of public health. Recent experiences during the coronavirus pandemic have demonstrated the value of having the right infrastructure in place to issue timely health alerts and warnings.


Minimizing the Damage of Communicable Diseases

The coronavirus pandemic exposed the importance of having proper communication plans in place for health crises of every magnitude. Employers and institutions are now obligated to provide accurate and up-to-date information on how to control and limit exposure to COVID-19.

Providing the right messaging at the right time to the right audience can help protect your stakeholders' health and minimize disruption of operations throughout the pandemic life-cycle. However, the unpredictable nature of the coronavirus provides a challenge in terms of balancing a systemic approach to pandemic communications while remaining explicit about uncertainties. Providing an easy way for recipients to ask questions and provide input can help build trust, as well as minimize the spread of misinformation.

Solution Overview

Using an emergency mass notification system as an official communication channel helps establish credibility around your messaging and ensures consistent information across your organization. SMS text, email, voice calls, mobile app notifications, and social media posts will play a key role in getting health alerts and warnings to both on-site and remote workers. You can also leverage Omnilert’s two-way mass engagement features to conduct welfare checks and directly address misinformation.

Depending on the size and complexity of your organization, it is likely you will need to communicate different information to different stakeholders based on their role and risk to exposure. It is important to tailor your messaging to your recipients, who may require different information depending on the context of their geography and role. Segmenting your stakeholders in an emergency mass notification and critical event management system takes the manual processes out of your pandemic communications and emergency response plans.

have used email or messaging services to connect during the pandemic
have used social media to share or post coronavirus-related information
have used the internet or email to contact medical professionals

Industry Applications

Whether you are a K-12 school, university, corporate workplace, manufacturer, hospital, or government facility, a strong health alert and critical event management system can help you handle a health crisis.

pandemic communications
Emergency Mass Notification Systems
Schools and Campuses

Remove the likelihood of human error and automate a rapid and effective response on your campus. Adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements, as well as your general duty to provide a safe campus community.

Emergency Mass Notification Systems
Corporate and Manufacturing

Maintain uninterrupted business operations and ensure the safety of employees. Avoid additional downstream consequences for your organization, such as lost shareholder value, regulatory penalties, and civil liability.                            

Emergency Mass Notification Systems
Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Efficiently communicate with a dispersed population, ensure the safety of your patients and employees, and maintain uninterrupted operations. Avoid regulatory penalties, financial losses, diminished reputation, and civil liability.

Emergency Mass Notification Systems
Government Agencies

Alert constituents during a health crisis and inform them of any critical event that may impact public safety in their communities. Protect government employees, so they can maintain operations and help save lives.                              

Health Crisis Resources
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A retirement community's response efforts to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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