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Integrating With an Increasingly Connected World
to Improve Crisis Response

The chaos and destruction that often characterize crisis situations are such that planned responses may never be perfect – yet it is imperative to pursue the most ideal automated response in order to decrease human error and secure the best possible outcomes to very bad situations. It is a relentless pursuit for all of us.

In addition to incorporating Omnimodal Notification and Scenarios®, the Omnilert mass notification system is designed to continuously improve the scope and effectiveness of automated crisis response. It accommodates and integrates with a broad range of constantly evolving technologies and processes that give emergency managers the power to react with ever greater speed – even under the most extreme duress.

The most significant innovation in this arena is your ability to integrate with other independently monitored systems that can provide emergency notifications, allowing an ever-more automated response.

Leveraging Critical
Information Systems

Through Triggers™, you can automatically initiate specific responses based on alerts and data from a variety of sources, including:

  • Weather service alerts

  • Police alerts

  • Intrusion alert systems

  • Fire and smoke alarms

  • Gunshot sensors

For extreme situations, such as tornado warnings to active shooter communications, speed is so critical, that removing the need for a human to initiate action can dramatically accelerate response and ultimately save more lives.


Tapping into the Growing
Internet of Things (IoT)

Machines and appliances of all types — from railroad cars to HVAC systems in buildings – are getting smarter, thanks to embedded computer processing power and Internet connectivity. The Internet of Things is expected to grow to an estimated 20.8 billion devices in the coming years. Because many of these devices can detect an emergency or environmental condition, they are becoming increasingly valuable as an extension of Omnilert. Devices can include:

  • Chemical and hazardous materials detection systems

  • Environmental control systems

  • Structural stress detection systems

  • Manufacturing and process control systems

Automatically Triggering a Predefined Series of Actions
  • 1

    A crisis occurs in your
    building or facility

  • 2

    Your automated system
    detects a crisis

  • 3

    Your system sends a
    notification to Omnilert

  • 4

    Your predefined Scenarios
    are launched automatically

Every day, new systems are coming to market that autonomously monitor various environmental factors ranging from network threats, severe weather, air quality, and other safety-related conditions. If a life-safety factor or system health issue is detected, that system can automatically launch Omnimodal notifications, and trigger a predefined series of actions embodied in Scenarios®.

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    Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

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