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By the Numbers: Emergency Notification Industry Survey

According to Critical Mass magazine’s September 2017 survey, emergency notification system administrators are looking towards the world of automation to extend their organizations’ reach for emergency notification, action, and response. The results indicate that although text, email, and voice call notifications still dominate implementations - organizations are working towards evolving into a more sophisticated and automated scenario-based approach.  

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Automating Emergency Notifications, Emergency Communications & Notifications

Juliet Hulse

Getting it Done Right - Proven Success Indicators

When it comes to critical communications, just like flying an aircraft filled with hundreds of passengers, failure is not an option. There is not a second chance to get it right. Therefore, when it's imperative that your communications are received, can you be certain your organization will succeed? Exercising and measuring all of the 'moving parts' of a system goes a long way toward reducing this risk. This is where Proven Success Indicators (PSIs) come in.

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Critical Insights, Emergency Planning & Preparation

Eric Polovich

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