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Juliet HulseDec 20, 2017 11:00:00 AM1 min read

By the Numbers: Emergency Notification Industry Survey

According to Critical Mass magazine’s September 2017 survey, emergency notification system administrators are looking towards the world of automation to extend their organizations’ reach for emergency notification, action, and response. The results indicate that although text, email, and voice call notifications still dominate implementations - organizations are working towards evolving into a more sophisticated and automated scenario-based approach.  


In the survey, over a thousand professionals from education, healthcare, manufacturing, corporate enterprise, and government provided their input on the current endpoints they use the most. More importantly, they provided their perspective on growth opportunities for their organization - including mapping their emergency action and response plans directly to their mass notification system. These professionals also provided a glimpse of how they are starting to integrate other systems to automatically trigger notification and response.


To view the survey results in By the Numbersclick here.  


These results were published in the newest edition of the magazine Critical Mass: Automating Emergency Notifications. Download the magazine here to gain more knowledge from industry leaders and how you can make your emergency response and action plans even more successful.



Juliet Hulse

Juliet is the Marketing Operations Manager for Omnilert. With her education in marketing, and her professional background in sales, she is able to understand the important marriage of marketing and sales.