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6 Simple Guidelines for Effective Emergency Procedures

It’s nothing new to hear that preparation is critical to any emergency response. Like any organization, I’m sure hours, even days, have been spent crafting a plan for just about any occurrence, from a minor utility outage to a major storm or worse, an armed assailant on your grounds.

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Emergency Planning & Preparation

Scott Howard

Getting it done right: “Proven Success Indicators”

When it comes to critical communications, just as flying an aircraft filled with hundreds of passengers, failure is not an option. There is no second chance to get it right.  So, when it’s crucial that your communications are received, can you be certain your organization will succeed? Ongoing performance testing and measuring all of the ‘moving parts’ of a system goes a long way toward reducing this risk. This is where Proven Success Indicators come in.

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ENS Implementation & Management

Eric Polovich

Testing critical communications systems: it’s not just about technology

For emergency managers, testing is a rehearsal for the unforeseen or even the unthinkable. This especially applies to critical communications that, if conducted properly, could save lives.

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Emergency Planning & Preparation

Samantha Leland

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