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Juliet Hulse

Juliet is the Marketing Operations Manager for Omnilert. With her education in marketing, and her professional background in sales, she is able to understand the important marriage of marketing and sales.

Blog Post by Juliet Hulse

Holiday Season - Preparing Your Emergency Notifications

Oftentimes when we think of the holidays, we think of the time off from work, school, and ...
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What Comes Next - Preparing Your Emergency Notifications

The Fall Semester is underway and the buzz of back-to-school around campus has calmed ...
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Immediately Initiate Your Emergency Response Plan

Immediately initiating your organization’s emergency response plans’ predefined series of ...
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Preventing Accidental Alert Notifications

Within the last several months, we’ve seen a number of news stories related to ...
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Hurricane Preparedness for Businesses

If the first major hurricane of the season caught your business by surprise, you need to ...
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Back to School - Preparing Your Emergency Notifications

Fall is an extremely busy time for schools; not only are there new students, faculty, and ...
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Emergency Notifications within the Club Industry

Safety isn’t simply a state of being. Safety is a way of life and a goal that each of us ...
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Preparing the Initial Notification Before an Emergency

Safety preparation at your organization goes far beyond simply having an emergency ...
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Tornado Outbreaks Across the United States

Since March, the United States has seen quite a lot of tornadoes and severe spring ...
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4 Best Practices for Houses of Worship Crisis Communication

Traditionally a place of sanctuary, reflection, peace, and safety, houses of worship have ...
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Changing the Face of Emergency Communications

When a crisis situation happens at your place of school, work, or play there’s no time to ...
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Emergency Notifications in the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are anchor institutions in our communities when it ...
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