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The following is a true account from a fairly recent college graduate who joined Omnilert to support our efforts in providing expeditious emergency communications and in mitigating harm. Leigh Larson is a Full-Stack Developer and has been with the ...
Industry’s First AI-Powered Visual Gun Detection Solution Receives Secure Campus Awards
I remember well the three tones quickly followed by the broadcast, “All cars, man with a gun…” or worse, “Report of shots fired at…” with little more than a general location and a vague description, and then I responded.  We are that rare breed that ...
We recently partnered with the Clery Center to present "Beyond the Basics: Reading the Regs Part I," a webinar where we:
While many emergency notification providers focus their efforts on mobile apps, the lack of user adoption is alarming. In speaking with a recent prospect, we asked if they knew how many subscribers actually used the safety app. It prompted them to ...

Juliet Hulse

Juliet Hulse
Juliet is the Marketing Operations Manager for Omnilert. With her education in marketing, and her professional background in sales, she is able to understand the important marriage of marketing and sales.

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