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Expert Q&A: Robert Eubanks CMSP/CSM from Creative Safety Consulting

The ‘Expert Q&A’ series highlights the experiences of practitioners and thought-leaders in the field of Emergency Management & Response.


This latest installment of the 'Expert Q&A' series is a brief interview with Robert Eubanks CMSP/CSM, owner of Creative Safety Consulting (CSC).


CSC  is a small, hard-working consultant business based in the southeastern United States. Established in 2014, their goal is to deliver up to date safety training, as well as safety support to companies in general industry, construction, and mining. Creative Safety also specializes in Behavioral Based Safety custom programs modified for individual companies.

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Expert Q&A


Omnilert CEO to speak at ACUTA

Please join us on Monday, April 20 at 1:15pm, at next week's ACUTA conference for Omnilert CEO Ara Bagdasarian's informative talk.


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David Wade

Do You Scenario? How to Remove Emotion when Every Second Counts

There is a rapidly approaching twister forming just minutes away and you need to notify your community to seek shelter... NOW. Security cameras confirm that there is an active shooter in the lobby and it is imperative to warn the campus to lock-down for safety.


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Ara Bagdasarian

Keeping it simple: A guide to an effective and easy emergency communications plan

Preparing and rolling out a communication plan is an often thankless, always difficult job. It’s one of those tough jobs that sounds so simple, but it’s not simple at all. It just looks “too easy” when it’s done right. When you’re doing your job right, nobody notices you and that’s a good thing.


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Scott Howard

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