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Samantha LelandApr 30, 2015 1:50:10 PM4 min read

Expert Q&A: Robert Eubanks CMSP/CSM from Creative Safety Consulting

The ‘Expert Q&A’ series highlights the experiences of practitioners and thought-leaders in the field of Emergency Management & Response.


This latest installment of the 'Expert Q&A' series is a brief interview with Robert Eubanks CMSP/CSM, owner of Creative Safety Consulting (CSC).


CSC  is a small, hard-working consultant business based in the southeastern United States. Established in 2014, their goal is to deliver up to date safety training, as well as safety support to companies in general industry, construction, and mining. Creative Safety also specializes in Behavioral Based Safety custom programs modified for individual companies.

Omnilert: Tell us a bit about yourself- your background, current career initiatives, etc.


Robert Eubanks: Currently I own my own safety consulting business. I have a background in the chemical and mining aspects of phosphate production. I am an authorized OSHA and MSHA instructor and possess site safety professional experience as well.

Omnilert: I know you have experience coordinating Emergency Response teams that involve many members- could you tell us a bit about the phosphate mine that you helped and how Omnilert was involved?


RE: Upon my arrival to the mine I quickly discovered that while they had certain facets of emergency response in place, one crucial component was very outdated. This component was a fast, efficient, and user friendly communication system. Immediately, I arranged to issue each team member a Nextel mobile phone which reduced response time from 20 plus minutes to less than 5. The site was approximately 120 sq. miles and to be able to respond quickly was of paramount importance. Unfortunately, the Nextel's went away 2 years later and left us searching for an solution yet again.


This is when we researched the Omnilert/Amerilert system and found out quickly that not only did we not lose response time but with the system we were able to eliminate extra steps that infringed on the efficiency of the response. We were very pleased with the system from an emergency response standpoint and to this day the system is still in place.

Omnilert: What was the biggest challenge when working with the mine and their Emergency Response plan?


RE: Mass communication

Omnilert: What was the biggest success when working with the mine and their Emergency Response plan?


RE: Solving communication issues and eliminating unnecessary steps which helped with our number one goal and that's to be on the scene quickly and be able to work together efficiently.

Omnilert: What advice would you give similar structured companies in regards to emergency response plans and coordination?


RE: To really research the Omnilert system and see what it can do for your company. The system can also be used for daily mass communications that may not involve emergency response.

Omnilert: You currently have a consulting business- how did you branch into consulting and starting your own business and how does it relate to emergency communications?


RE: It is a blessing to be able to run my own consulting business. It has always been a venture I wanted to take and my experience coordinating emergency response teams will allow me to translate learnings into my business. Although my business offers multiple services, emergency response training is very important to me being a former First Responder.

Omnilert: What are the most challenging consulting projects?


RE: Behavioral based safety is a project I am working on that my experience has taught me over the years the difference between your normal everyday "canned " safety programs versus one that involves that specific business or industry. It is my hope to be able to help companies create, sustain, and improve their own personal BBS program. Partnering the BBS with OSHA/MSHA training as well as emergency response can help us achieve our number one goal and that is prevention of workplace injuries and incidents. This is the mission of Creative Safety Consulting.



Samantha Leland

Samantha is a Towson University graduate and is Omnilert's Marketing Operations Coordinator. In her free time Samantha enjoys snowboarding, traveling, painting, and anything music related.