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Emergency Notification Best Practices in Aftermath of False Warning



As an industry leader in emergency notification, one would imagine that we were swamped over the past few days with inquiries related to the false missile warning in Hawaii and Japan. We were. Whether the questions came from the media, customers who have implemented our solutions, or organizations planning to implement Omnilert, the inquiries were unified in theme.

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Emergency Planning & Preparation, Automating Emergency Notifications

Frank McCathran

Reminiscing with a Look into 2018


As we look into 2018 and towards new and exciting technological advancements in emergency communications, I reminisce about a moment I recently had with my father. He recently shared a hard copy, binder version of his Emergency Response & Action Plan from the 1990’s with me. As the Supervisory Inspector of The Peace Bridge at the U.S.-Canada border, he was the lead author of the documented procedures and responsible for implementing emergency response. As we reviewed the 20-year-old plan, it brought us both back to how things once were. As we reminisced on all the late night calls he received to initiate a manual response to the crisis at hand, we went into deeper conversation about one event in particular.

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Emergency Planning & Preparation, Automating Emergency Notifications

Ara Bagdasarian

Automating Emergency Notifications: A Scenario-Based Approach


How can you reduce that critical period of time - from recognizing an actionable incident to initiating a comprehensive set of response actions? How can you ensure that the right people receive the right information in a matter of minutes - or even seconds? Automation. In this article, published in the most recent Critical Mass Magazine, we explain how adopting an automated, scenario-based approach can help improve the efficiency of your response plans. 

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Juliet Hulse

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