Omnilert Gun Detect

The Industry's First Visual Gun Detection Solution

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Omnilert Gun Detect reliably and rapidly recognizes firearms and immediately triggers multi-channel alerts and automated pre-defined safety protocols. The combination of these rich capabilities provides safety teams with the broadest array of solutions, spanning prevention, notification, engagement, and management.

Visual Gun Detection

Advance Warning Before Shots Are Fired

Existing gunshot detection technologies only work after incidents have escalated and provide vague details on the approximate location of the sound. In comparison, Gun Detect gives emergency response teams advance warning before shots are fired, and delivers precise information on the location and visuals of the potential shooter.

Affordable AI-Powered, Visual Gun Detection

As gun violence in the U.S. continues to steadily increase, organizations and institutions are seeking new ways to protect their constituents. Video surveillance systems are increasingly being deployed, although monitoring can be difficult, unreliable, and expensive. Gun Detect offers always-on monitoring with unparalleled reliability at a price point affordable to organizations of all sizes and complexities.

  • Reliably and rapidly recognize firearms
  • Receive advance warning before shots are fired
  • Send multi-channel alerts
  • Trigger automated pre-defined safety protocols
  • Reduce the time from first sighting to alerting to a handful of seconds

Quick and Flexible Implementation

Designed for privacy and performance, Gun Detect is a software solution typically deployed on-premise and integrated with existing IP-based video surveillance and camera systems. Customers using alternative emergency mass notification systems have the flexibility of using Gun Detect independent of the rest of the Omnilert platform.

Omnilert Gun Detect is available today and can be implemented immediately.

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