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Eric PolovichMar 28, 2018 2:02:00 PM3 min read

Three Reasons to Update to Omnilert 6

It’s been just a few short months since customers began using Omnilert 6 for their critical communications, and in the last few weeks hundreds of organizations have been moved to the new platform. Omnilert’s Customer Success team have been working daily to share our experiences with the improved suite of tools. It’s exciting seeing organizations embrace the new capabilities that come with the new platform release.


In most cases, Omnilert 6 speaks for itselfit’s the next step in a direction that Omnilert’s been heading for a long time. The streamlined interface offers you more flexibility, more options, and more capabilities. But, for some, the question remains: What are the compelling reasons to switch?


  • 1. More Administrator Controls

Omnilert 6 was designed from the ground up for control and accountability. While our solutions have always had deep customization options for your Administrators, Omnilert 6 introduces more options for access control and more reporting. Based upon feedback for our customers, the interface is streamlined for your staff to have quicker access to the tools that they need. Accountability is improved with better data. Omnilert 6 is designed for duress, so when an emergency occurs, your staff can communicate with confidence.


2. More Communications Options

If the power is out, or the internet is down, you should still have access to your emergency communication solutions. Omnilert 6 is mobile extensible and does not require any special rights to access via your mobile devices. Whether you’re on a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile phone, you are able to quickly and easily alert your community. Furthermore, Omnilert 6 boasts more endpoint support, more messaging options, and more communications tools to keep your community safe and connected.


3. Advanced Automation Capabilities

Whether your initiating your response actions in seconds with pre-defined Scenarios®, launching predefined messages that have been scheduled manually, or triggering your mass notifications automatically from other connected systems, Omnilert 6 has you covered. Its robust suite of automation capabilities can help you launch your notifications with a few clicks, a single click, or no human interaction at all.

Omnilert 6 is truly a giant leap forward in the evolution of critical communications. Helping you take your emergency communications plans from paper to practice has always been a driving goaland it’s never been as seamless. If you’re still on the fence or still have questions on how to upgrade, please contact your Account Manager as soon as possible.


Eric Polovich

Eric Polovich is an Account Manager with Omnilert. He is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo, and has been working with information technology, project management, and SaaS software development for for more than 20 years. Eric is an avid reader, musician, and father.